IBAT staking

The Battle Infinity staking programme has kicked off with a huge success, and there are now over one billion IBAT that have been staked on the platform.

This is expected to be hugely beneficial for the token price, since it means that there is far less IBAT that available to be sold on the market.

Over 35% of IBAT circulating supply has been staked – one billion tokens

One billion IBAT is over 35% of the circulating supply, meaning that the asset has become far scarcer as a result of the staking initiative.

In addition to there being less selling pressure now that so much has been staked, the staking programme also ensures that Battle Infinity can guarantee that it can sustain a large portion of its community for the long term, since there are so many people who have committed to the project with their stake.

Earn a 25% yield on your IBAT

There are various different options for those who wish to participate in the staking programme.

There is the difference between flexible staking, which has no lock up, and locking up one’s tokens for a longer period of time in exchange for a higher yield.

For those who wish to earn the highest yields, there is the opportunity to lock one’s tokens up for longer, with the maximum time 365 days.

Staking for 365 days allows holders of IBAT to earn a yield of 25% on their holdings. There are various strategies that different investors and speculators may wish to employ with their yield, but a common one is the notion of using the interest as passive income.

Other investors choose to compound the yield that they have generated and reinvest to focus on the long term. As Battle Infinity rises to become more and more dominant in the play to earn gaming industry, and challenges current hegemons Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League, the community ought to expand and reflect the ongoing development and product releases.

For deferring gratification and committing to the project for the long term, community members can ensure that they are earning a high yield on their principle, but in addition to this they are also eligible to win a series of prizes and rewards crates, which contain NFTs that can be used in-game.

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