Battle Infinity has taken the world of P2E e-sports by storm, and have recently announced that Battle Infinity staking will be going live soon.

Battle Infinity

IBAT trending on Dextools

IBAT, the native token of Battle Infinity, has been trending on Dextools recently thanks to the huge popularity of the token.  After the IBAT presale sold out in just 25 days, raising 16,500 BNB, the community was very excited for the project to launch.

When the token did launch on Pancakeswap, the listing was a huge success: the price instantly spiked after launch, but unlike many projects, the rally was not short-lived. Since the IDO, the price has continued to rise and is now up well over 100% since the Pancakeswap listing.

Further listings, such as LBank and, have helped to cement the high levels of liquidity and trading volume.

Battle Infinity staking going live soon

Battle Infinity’s staking programme is to be going live soon, meaning that IBAT holders will have the opportunity to earn a high yield on their tokens.

IBAT Battle Stake gives holders the chance to lock up their tokens for a certain amount of time, and in exchange they are entitled to rewards.  This is a good thing for the token price because it means that people are more likely to invest and defer gratification rather than to trade, and it means that there will be less IBAT circulating at any one time.

Many in the community were speculating over what the coming announcement would have been, and are pleased to note that the staking will be going live soon.

The most direct effects of staking on price are that there is fewer IBAT on the market, meaning that the potential selling pressure is reduced.

Battle Infinity price up 22%

The Battle Infinity price has been performing well despite the broader crypto market downturn. Blockchain-based games have been, according to a report by Dapp Radar, some of the most resilient during the market downturn.

There are several reasons for this, not least of which that their value is derived from utility and entertainment rather than speculation alone; with a lot of DeFi projects, they are highly correlated because of their interoperable nature, and speculation is rife.

Play to earn games are enjoyable, and the incentives to participate in their ecosystems are often compelling. Moreover, the industry has plenty of room to grow and much remains unexplored.

Battle Infinity’s competition, notably Dream 11 and the Mobile Premier League, have made very little innovation when it comes to P2E gaming, and certainly don’t have plans as detailed as the aforementioned.

As gamers flock to Battle Infinity en masse, the prospects look strong for IBAT in the coming weeks and months.

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