battle infinity presale 4 august 2022

Battle Infinity, the blockchain fantasy sports project, is seeing its IBAT token presale accelerating towards sellout after raising $500,000 in under 24 hours.

At the current rate of fund inflow from eager  investors the presale will sell out in a matter of days.

At the time of writing 10,292 BNB has been raised, representing a 62.3% completion of the presale.

A hard cap target of 16,500 BNB was originally planned to be achieved in early October. Instead, it now looks highly likely that the sale will be over well before the end of next week.

The speed at which the presale is being completed is extremely impressive, especially given the backdrop of the challenging market conditions seen this year.

Battle Infinity IBAT looks set for 10x or 100x Gains

Battle Infinity presale’s ongoing success strongly indicates that when the IBAT token lists on its first exchanges, demand will be extremely strong.

It is well within the bounds of possibility that IBAT could see gains of as much as 100x, but even 10x on this form looks like an almost racing certainty.

For more on Battle Infinity price predictions, checkout our recent analysis.

The Battle Infinity team has not yet announced the listing price for the token but it is certain to be higher than the current price, which sees 1 BNB buy 166,666 IBAT.

Founder Suresh Joshi – “FOMO is starting to kick in”

We reached out to co-founder Suresh Joshi for comment on the stellar reception the project is receiving from savvy crypto investors.

“We expect the raise to continue to accelerate as there seems to be a fair bit of FOMO starting to kick in. I know people are keen to hear what the IBAT list price will be when we debut on exchanges.

“We haven’t set this yet but I can say now that we will be releasing this information to the community soon.”

However, at whatever level the launch (listing) price is set, it is highly unlikely that buyers will be able to get that price on the open market as the price will almost certainly ‘gap’ higher – where the weight of orders resets the price almost immediately.

Joshi says that IBAT will launch on Pancakeswap decentralised exchange first and his team has already enter into discussions with a number of high-profile centralised exchanges.

Metaverse vision – looks like devs are ahead of schedule

Battle Infinity has exploded on to the scene with minimal marketing, has certainly captured the crypto zeitgeist for its blockchain-infused fantasy sports metaverse vision.

The Indian developers of the games platform are targeting the likes of Dream11 in India, which has 100 million players of its fantasy sports cricket and other games.

But Battle Infinity is not stopping there and in addition to rolling out cricket, is aiming at all major sports markets globally, from the NFL to the English Premier League.

Battle Infinity development moves forward to test Battle Swap on mainnet

Karan Sharma, social media manager at Battle Infinity, revealed in a recent AMA that the team has already started on Phase 4 elements of its roadmap, so is ahead of the schedule as laid out on project website.

Battle Infinity is testing the Battle Swap market on testnet and working on the alpha release of the Battle Infinity dApp for Google Play Store.

Sharma said in the AMA on Crypto Talkz: “We will have some whitelisting process so that holders can participate in the testnet and can enjoy the experience of our first product.

“We will try to open the entries in limited batches and will gradually open it up for the masses.”

To check out the very first AMA that Battle Infinity took part in, which was with Coinsniper, where the project is KYC’d – then go to our report and read the transcript.

You can keep up to date with the project and find out about upcoming AMAs by joining the Telegram group.

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