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Battle Infinity is Right at the Center of the Esports and Crypto Gaming Cross Over

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The blockchain gaming ecosystem has been making headlines in recent years. Despite this year’s crypto bear market, the video gaming space is still attracting the attention of venture capitalists. Moreover, devs are still working on new projects threatening to overtake the ones currently in the market.

One of the newest blockchain gaming projects is Battle Infinity. Battle Infinity is a fantasy sports gaming platform that was launched recently. Despite being a new project, Battle Infinity is already attracting much attention.

Crypto games have become increasingly popular

The blockchain gaming ecosystem is attracting some of the top players globally that do not want to be left out of the promise of notable gains in the future. One of the recent players to show interest in the sector is financial giant Barclays.

Barclays recently published a report on esports where its analysts talked about the fantasy sports sector. Esports have become quite popular because they allow fans to engage and interact better with their teams.

Esports date back to the ’80s and ’90s, but their popularity has only surged this year. The Barclays report, according to a publication by Financial Times, provides incredible numbers of the growing esports audience that nearly reached 74 million during the 2021 League of Legends world championships.

According to analysts, the future looks good for the blockchain gaming sector because of multiple deals, partnerships, and sponsors flocking into the center. There has been a notable rise in the number of companies entering this space.

The analysts have also predicted that the esports sector could reach a $9.6 billion valuation by 2030, a notable increase given that it is currently valued at $1.38 billion. The growth in the numbers is expected to be seen during the second half of the decade when the number of esports fans in the sector skyrocket.

The analysts have also provided several explanations on why such massive growth would be witnessed. According to them, the sizeable jump would be caused by various factors, such as increased media rights prices and non-endemic sponsors.

The analysts also believe that the rise of the crypto industry has something to do with the growth of esports. The crypto sector has attracted a tech-savvy audience, and with the two industries coming together, the gaming sector is about to be revolutionized. The evidence of this growth is in the rise of the best play-to-earn games that have entered the sector.

Barclays also believe that if gaming sectors tap into crypto and blockchain technology, they can attract a new revenue stream. One of the ways that games are doing this is tapping into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that allow players to be part of the game, and they can generate rewards that can be redeemed in actual money.

One of the most popular blockchain gaming ecosystems in the crypto games industry is Battle infinity, which is attracting much interest despite the ongoing bear market. Battle Infinity is already being competitive.

Battle Infinity is taking over fantasy sports

Battle Infinity is a fantasy sports P2E ecosystem that allows players to access a 3D metaverse and compete against each other to win rewards. The rewards in question can be earned in the form of IBAT tokens. IBAT is the native token of the Battle Infinity ecosystem.

The IBAT Premier League is one of the most talked about gaming platforms in the P2E space. The league is currently the primary way that players can generate reward points. In this league, players are allowed to be part of teams where they can compete for rewards depending on the performance of a club during the season. Players with the most points can earn IBAT rewards.

IBAT has a successful DEX offering, and this was one of the factors that propelled bit to becoming one of the most popular gaming coins in the market currently. The recent report by Barclays shows that the blockchain gaming sector will continue picking interest over the years, and the gains made during the DEX offering are not short-lived and could transform into long-term gains.

Besides merely focusing on crypto games, Battle Infinity also shows interest in decentralized finance (DeFi). According to our sources, Battle Infinity will launch staking in the coming week. While this is yet to be confirmed by the team, the launch will skyrocket IBAT’s price.



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