Traders and speculators are preparing for the upcoming listing of IBAT on LBank, an established and high-profile exchange with a lot of liquidity.

IBAT is listing on LBANK today at 16:00 UTC

IBAT, the native token of the Battle Infinity ecosystem, will be listing on LBank at 16:00 UTC with an IBAT/USDT pair.

This means that speculators can IBAT as they please on another exchange besides Pancakeswap.

The more exchanges that a token is listed on, the more beneficial it is more the price, since the project can grow to become more and more widely adopted.

Pancakeswap listing was already a success

After completing the presale, in which 16,500 BNB was raised in just 25 days, the Battle Infinity team decided to list IBAT on the Pancakeswap exchange. The presale itself was a huge success and demonstrated the overwhelming support that the Battle Infinity team has accumulated over the past few months of community-building and product design.

Pancakeswap is the largest and most popular decentralised exchange on Binance Smart Chain, and the listing shot off with a great start: IBAT rocked to over 5x the listing price after launch and is currently sitting at over 3x.

Although LBank is an exchange that usually attracts a lot more liquidity to its listings than LPs on Pancakeswap,

Fantasy sports in the metaverse

Fantasy sports giants like Dream 11 and the Mobile Premier League are being forced to compete with Battle Infinity and their innovative style of gameplay.

In Battle Infinity, players can curate and customise their own teams and players with different equipment and different skill sets, and battle against one another in a variety of different games.

Battle Infinity is a platform that is made up of multiple P2E games, the first of which will be cricket, given that the sport is so popular in India, where the team is based.

How big is the LBank exchange?

LBank is a large and established exchange with over seven million users from 210 different jurisdictions around the world.

Established in 2015, the exchange has overseen a series of bull and bear markets and has weathered the storm well. As an extremely well-respected exchange, there is no doubt that the greater liquidity offered by the listing will attract more people to IBAT .

Traders and speculators can prepare in advance by purchasing IBAT from the Pancakeswap exchange, if they should choose to front run the listing.

The “IBAT Cares” programme

Yesterday, Battle Infinity announced the launch of the “IBAT Cares” programme, which entitles users to refunds should they send their IBAT to the contract address by mistake. As part of this initiative, 2% of the total supply of IBAT has been allocated to reimburse users who make this mistake.

This programme does not protect or reimburse those who have mistakenly sent their funds to scammers. Rather, it ensures that people who have genuinely lost their tokens need not suffer for it.

The community has been incredibly pleased with this initiative, and has welcomed the safety net provided to them by the team at IBAT.

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