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The team behind Battle Infinity (IBAT) an upcoming metaverse game and its native cryptocurrency have held another ask me anything event.

Battle Infinity’s first AMA was with CoinSniper last week. They have now held around half a dozen AMAs in various crypto Telegram community groups, some over voice chat, others in text form. That outreach has led to over 25% of their presale hard cap target being hit so far over the first two weeks.

HC Capital AMA

The AMA below was with Karan Sharma the Battle Infinity social media manager, and the questions were asked by the HC Capital community, a leading Vietnam based crypto group.

1. Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself and the Battle Infinity project?

I have been in the cryptosphere since 2017. I have worked with lots of projects as a community manager, partnership manager, ambassador and advisor in the past.

Battle Infinity is a gaming platform with multiple P2E battle games which is integrated with the metaverse world and is named ‘The Battle Arena’. In the world of Battle Infinity, gamers cannot only play and battle but can also enjoy and experience the immersive Metaverse world where they can interact, perform, watch and explore the virtual world of Battle Arena at the same time.

Our vision is to bring a new revolution to the traditional world of the gaming industry, by integrating gaming with the metaverse and blockchain making it completely decentralized, giving users and creators true ownership in which the gaming ecosystem is completely tamper-proof i.e. impossible to destruct by the unethical trespassers with a secure and limitless immersive experience.

2. Could you give us some highlights about Battle Infinity? And can you share what the team has achieved so far?

The Battle infinity platform has 6 different products that are designed in such a way that forms a complete ecosystem of the platform which is efficient, handy, and easy to use.

  • IBAT Premier League
  • IBAT Battle Swap
  • IBAT Battle Market
  • IBAT Battle Games
  • IBAT Battle Arena
  • IBAT Battle Stake

IBAT Premier League – is the world’s first decentralized blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports game, integrated with metaverse in which you can build your own strategic team and battle with others all around the world and earn.

In IBAT premier league users have to buy an NFT pass to enter the league or matches, with an NFT pass user gets the budget to form their own virtual team by buying real-life sports players within the budget allocated. The players are picked up from real-life sports and are given valuation on the basis of their performances.

The team formed by the users gets scores on the basis of the player’s performance in the real match and the team with the highest scores is the winner and gets a reward, apart from rewards user’s NFT pass gets whitelisted through which the holder gets extra benefits.

Excitement doesn’t end there. Whitelisted NFT passes can also be traded in our Battle Marketplace and during each BUY/SELL original winner gets extra winning rewards.

IBAT Battle Swap – is a decentralized exchange that works as a bank on our platform. It enables new users to buy IBAT tokens directly and also convert their winning rewards to another currency. It is integrated with the marketplace, game store, and arena which makes out platform’s overall in-app experience smoother, better & hassle-free.

IBAT battle Marketplace – The tokenized form of anything that is digitally available on the internet as music, painting, artwork, etc. is known as NFT. All the assets and characters that are present inside the game are tokenized on ERC721 smart contract on our platform to NFT. This tokenization of assets and characters makes it unique and puts value to it which depends on the rarity of the assets. With the help of our platform, we have formed the value of these assets and characters which don’t have value in the traditional gaming industry.

We have introduced 2 sections on our platform – the First one is for the creators in which they can mint their artwork, buy, sell, and can also advertise as well in the battle arena on billboards and land.

The second section is for the gamers where users can buy and upgrade their avatar, game, land, etc and also sell them which can be used in games on our platform.

IBAT battle games – is a multiplayer game store where gamers on our platform can get access to multiple NFT games to play and earn. The players can buy and sell all their gaming assets and characters in the battle market and sell their winning NFTs as well.

IBAT battle arena – In the Battle Arena, the players will have their own unique avatar which they can upgrade from the battle market from their clothes to hair for example, if the players like to add any hat or sunglasses to their avatar or character they will be able to buy it from the battle market.

Every player has their unique content ID and is minted on ERC721 smart contract as NFT. By the means of these characters users can use any devices like VR headsets and controllers to walk in the metaverse world and explore things around, meet other players, can even talk and chat and make a conversation with other users in real-time, and attend events like concerts and parties and even perform.

The concept of the metaverse is to give its users the experience of real-world with a twist of the gaming industry.

IBAT battle stake – is our staking platform where you can battle against stakers to get higher APYs. There are 3 types of staking:


Solo – In this type of staking you can directly stake your IBAT Token to Earn a High APY on our token, where we will create pools on the basis of the time period which will be monthly, half-yearly, and yearly pools.

Duo – In this type of staking you can simply pair any token with our native IBAT token and earn interest on it by simply staking that pair on our platform. This will give more stable and passive income not only in our token but also in their favourite tokens & coins like BNB, ETH, DOGE, etc., and even on stable coins like USDT, BUSD, etc.

Crates – This is a type of staking in which you have to buy NFT crates from Our Battle Market and unlock it with the matching NFT key, which u can either buy or can get by playing Games on Battle Games and wait for a certain time period to fully unlock it, according to the crate type.

There are three types of crates.

  • FREE CRATES – You can claim this by completing daily tasks or by winning a game .These are very common in rarity and have a shorter unlocking period.
  • SILVER CRATES – These are the crates that you have to buy from Battle Market or can win by ranking top on the weekly leaderboard and are less rarer than gold crates.
  • GOLD CRATES – These are the crates that you can buy from Battle Market or can win by ranking top on the monthly leaderboard and are the rarest of all the crates.

3. The trend these days is NFT, Metaverse gaming – especially the ones with P2E. Can you explain more about Battle Infinity ’s Play-To-Earn mechanism?

To play, users must purchase an NFT pass. The funds are initially held in the IBAT Stake Pool.

NFT passes are unique to each user and allows them to enter into the Leagues and Matches. All NFTs used in the game are tradable. All users can trade their whitelisted NFT (winning NFT) passes in our Battle Market and liquidity is also provided for automatic trading.

Moving on to the metaverse, this concept means different things to different people. In Battle Infinity, the metaverse virtual world is the core feature of our Battle Arena product.

In the IBAT Battle Arena players have their own unique avatar they can upgrade on the IBAT Battle Market. For example, upgrades can include anything from clothes to hair. Players can add items such as hats or sunglasses to their avatar through purchases from the IBAT Battle Market.

Every player has a unique content ID as a result of minting using the BEP721 NFT smart contract standard.

4. At the moment , where you are focusing right now? Building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Well we treat all these departments equally, because once someone said – You just can’t keeping building something that you can’t market. Because without marketing – nobody is going to buy it

Although we are making sure to focus everything equally in such a way that we do proper testing of our games and products before releasing them to masses and on the other hand to keep promoting our products the same time

I would also like to mention that cofounder himself has 16-17 years of experience in marketing and we also have partnerships with CryptoPR to keep the marketing on full boost.

Dev team will do their best and once both these things are achieved. The customer onboarding will start automatically in an organic way and after all this is achieved – we definitely will be looking for partnerships because we will be having product, community and some favorable stats along with us.

5. Can you tell us what plan Battle Infinity do to develop more in the future ?

Our main competitors in the near term are Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League. But once we have the IBAT Premier League out of the door, it acts as a model for rapid iteration of all other sports using the fantasy league format.

So it depends how you define the near future, but our immediate goal is to conquer India but simultaneously we see this as a global addressable market so from the outset are aiming to onboard players from all corners of the world.

But obviously with cricket our first sport, in order to be good at building a team it means you will need to know something about the game and who the best players are and so on. This is going to be great fun for all users, regardless of whatever their favorite sport might be.

6. We all know community is the critical key for the success of each project, so besides marketing with AMAs, does Battle Infinity have any strategies to attract new users and build your community more strongly?

Well, we are trying every best and possible way to get more support and strength from community, AMA’s are certainly helping us with the masses but along with this we already have a running giveaway which is worth of $3000.

Along with this we are very active on most of the social media platforms and we are getting really good support on either of the platforms.

I would also like to add that we have our Presale live and we already reached the softcap way faster than we were expecting. this also shows the support of community towards the project as of now when we are talking – we have done 3000+ BNB (softcap was 2000 BNB) of sales and got 1000+ holders on the chain.

7. Many projects starts with good impression and later abandoned the project. What makes your project different than others?

I would like to say that our team is very dynamic and openminded. We are a bunch of hardworking and dedicated people and have been working hard as much as we can to build our platform at a faster pace but not by skipping any important measure such as – bugs, security, fool proofing etc.

I owe respect to the whole crypto universe and I believe every project is individual in its own kind but, If you ask me why Battle Infinity is different then this is because it is the very first of one of its kind.

8. What is the most ambitious goal of project? Could share with us any upcoming updates?

Our most ambitious goal is to dominate the fantasy gaming industry. We are going up against the legacy incumbents Dream11, with 100 million users, and Mobile Premier League with a claimed 85 million users.

Imagine the numbers we can hit when there are no limitations and boundaries left.

The Indian Premier League is our first target audience and we will be moving on to football, with the richest league in the world – the English Premier League – in our sights, among others. American sports such as basketball, baseball and football are also huge markets we will target.

Fantasy sports is a brilliant opportunity to showcase the benefits of blockchain-powered games, where users/players can play to earn and much more besides. Then when you tie that to the metaverse, the growth opportunities are almost boundless.

9. Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

All the products are very unique and interlinked with one another so we just cant say which of them is best, but still if you have to start with – Battle Swap will be the first one which you will need to interact with to get started with the ecosystem.

My second personal favorite is IBAT battle arena because i’m a big fan of metaverse and would like to explore all the possibilities in there while sitting on my couch.

My third most favorite is IBAT battle staking because it will be providing a very handsome APY without even risking the tokens on market and crate staking is the best addition to it and about the competitive advantage – Like I said Battle Infinity is the first fantasy gaming platform being built on the metaverse so it will be giving us a competitive advantage for sure.

10. Successful projects are the result of an experienced team. Does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world?

Yes we have a very energetic team of developers who are already working on development of the games that we are going to have in IBAT battle games, the prototype for IBAT battle is almost ready for internal testing.

So in short i may say that the team is very sound in the sectors they are working in and all we need is trust and support from the community in return so that we can deliver them everything we promised under the committed timeline.

The next Battle Infinity AMA is with Whale Coin Talk and this time will be held on Twitter at 19:30 IST, July 26th.

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