Battle Infinity Allocates 2 of Tokens to IBAT Cares Community Security Initiative

Battle Infinity is one of the most talked about cryptocurrency projects currently. Battle Infinity is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that is pursuing the play-to-earn ecosystem. P2E is one of the hottest areas in the crypto market right now, and a solid project such as Battle Infinity could acquire a massive share of this sector.

As the IBAT ecosystem continues to grow, the team has announced it will allocate 2% of the token supply to a community security initiative. The initiative will keep investors safe to ensure they do not fall prey to the rising number of scams in the cryptocurrency sector.

Battle Infinity allocates 2% of tokens to “IBAT Cares”

Battle Infinity has announced to the official Telegram group that it was exploring a new way to protect and support the community. To achieve this, the team has launched an initiative known as “IBAT Cares.”

To support this initiative, Battle Infinity has announced it will allocate 2% of the token supply. The tokens will be used to safeguard user funds from scammers. IBAT has provided a form where the users that have lost IBAT tokens can provide their details.

The details in the Telegram channel will be updated with more information on how the initiative will work. IBAT is one of the popular projects in the cryptocurrency industry. However, popular projects have also attracted scammers, and IBAT is taking the initiative to fight back for its community.

IBAT is one of the most secure projects in the cryptocurrency market. It has implemented several security protocols and measures to ensure that it is a robust crypto project that will not suffer from the same fate that has met other projects such as Axie Infinity. The Axie Infinity blockchain game was hacked earlier this month, resulting in a massive loss of more than $600 million.

If you are starting to invest in cryptocurrency, you should ensure that you understand smart contracts to detect any fake issues that could arise. Moreover, Telegram has also become a hub for scammers. If you are looking for more details on IBAT, ensure that you follow the official Telegram channel.

One of the crucial things to note about the community security initiative launched by Battle Infinity is that if you lost your funds to addresses controlled by the scammer, you would not get back your tokens. The form to be filled out is more suitable for those who sent tokens to IBAT contract addresses.

Battle Infinity to list on the LBank exchange

IBAT is taking over the web 3.0 & crypto sector. The IBAT token was recently listed on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. The listing triggered slight gains for the token. Battle Infinity is now set for listing on the LBank centralized exchange (CEX). This could be one of the many CEX listings that IBAT could record in the coming months.

The cryptocurrency community has expressed much enthusiasm regarding the Battle Infinity project. The tokenomics of the IBAT token are also robust. Currently, there are 10 billion IBAT coins in supply. 28% of this supply was released during the presale. The tokenomics boosts the token’s demand, which could mean significant future gains.

Battle Infinity - New Metaverse Game

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