25% APY on IBAT

The Battle Infinity staking programme has now gone live and has been a huge success thus far amongst the community, with over $3m worth of IBAT now staked. Stakers are making use of the opportunity to invest in the future of the project with yield and earning up to 25% APY on their holdings.

This is a large milestone for the Battle Infinity community, and it is impressive that over 30% of the circulating supply has now been staked, and most of that which has been staked has been locked rather than deposited into flexible staking.

Investors from the community have been impressed by the high rates of yield on offer for holders of IBAT and the potential to maximise the value of their holdings by adopting the tried-and-tested strategies of the most successful investors, namely acquiring high-quality assets and waiting for the market to appreciate them; investing and earning yield is a far more reliable strategy than trading.

How do I stake IBAT?

Those who wish to earn rewards by staking their IBAT ought to head to the Battle Infinity website’s staking page, where they will be able to choose between either flexible staking or locked staking.

There is a minimum of 8,000 IBAT (currently about $30) required for staking.

On the staking page, investors can choose between flexible staking and staking that has a predefined lock up period.

Those who choose to lock up their tokens in staking are eligible to earn a higher rate of rewards than those who don’t.

Earn 25% APY on IBAT stake

Those who commit to staking their IBAT for the longest possible time, 365 days, are entitled to earn the highest rate of rewards on their holdings.

25% interest is offered to those who agree to defer gratification and hodl their equity in the staking contract, meaning that investors can very passively generate yield on their holdings.

Yield is an extremely attractive proposition for community members given the opportunities that it provides for patient investors to generate a passive income on their holdings.

When one compares this yield with the yield available for other cryptocurrencies, there are many ways in which staking IBAT appears to be a far more attractive proposition: yields for staking ETH are at 5%, AVAX staking earns 8% and BNB earns 4%.

IBAT’s flagship option to earn 25% APY is far superior to many of the alternative projects that retail investors may be interested in and staking also makes IBAT holders eligible to win exclusive rewards and prizes that can be used in-game.

Speculators may also wish to consider that Battle Infinity has far more potential to grow than the competition: when compared to Mobile Premier League and Dream 11, Battle Infinity has a lot more room to grow its market cap, which currently sits at a fully diluted market cap of just $34m.

The community is excited about the upcoming games

Although extremely important from the perspective of improving tokenomics and ensuring that the project has a “stickier” community, staking is only one part of the Battle Infinity ecosystem – most of the community are extremely excited about the upcoming games that the team is working on.

After raising 16,500 BNB in just 25 days, the team at Battle Infinity, the Battle Infinity team has been avidly developing their gaming ecosystem.

The Battle Infinity roadmap is split into seven distinct phases, and the team is currently working phase four.

Amongst other goals, this phase includes starting influencer marketing, developing the and releasing the first in-game NFTs, release of the merch store, and a litany of further strategic partnerships.

All of these additional developments will be hugely beneficial for IBAT token holders, as more and more value is driven to the project and more players are constantly onboarded.

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