White Label cTrader is the latest offering from B2Broker, a frontrunner in providing technological and liquidity solutions for the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. The new solution was designed to provide brokers with access to one of the multi-asset trading platforms currently available on the market and is considered among the most popular of its kind. Expert traders often prefer to use the cTrader platform because of its reputation for cutting-edge features and high-quality trading tools. Brokers can give their clients access to a full-featured cTrader trading environment with the help of the B2Broker White Label solution.

What You Need to Know About White Label cTrader

The White Label cTrader solution offered by B2Broker enables you to start your own forex, cryptocurrency, or multi-asset broker quickly. Because the sophisticated user interface of the platform may be branded in any imaginable design style, it is much easier for institutional and retail enterprises to provide personalized and tailored services to the people they serve.

“cTrader is a well-known platform with a proven track record of success, and it is used by all the market’s top brokers. A quick search on the Appstore for cTrader will reveal all the major companies that use this platform.

We believe that in today’s ultra competitive markets, every broker must offer a wide variety of trading platforms to its clients. Otherwise, the broker would lose clients who wish to trade on the cTrader platform. In addition to the traditional trading capabilities provided by the MT platform, cTrader will almost certainly attract a new category of traders and investors.

When it comes to managing your crypto brokerage, and its algo capabilities, cTrader is one of the top solutions on the market.

Since 2021, we have been seeing a growing demand for cTrader among cryptocurrency brokers. Since many cTrader brokers use our liquidity offering, we decided to open a whole new world for brokers that want to grow more sophisticated and cater to traders’ needs, rather than requiring them to use a single platform,” B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov.

White Label cTrader is an advanced but still a user-friendly trading platform. The platform gives brokerages everything they need to succeed without the usual requisites, such as purchasing a cTrader server license, establishing a backup system, constructing a global network of access servers, or employing staff to configure and manage the server structure regularly.


  • The White Label cTrader is an all-encompassing ecosystem that includes liquidity solutions, trading platforms, trader’s rooms, payment systems, and IB programs. All of these components are included in the ecosystem. When sophisticated trading tools from cTrader are combined with B2Broker’s aggregated liquidity pool and constant customer assistance, the result is a compelling solution for brokerage firms. Get access to the integration of the entire environment.
  • Your brokerage employees will be provided with an in-depth introduction to the user interfaces and features of WL cTrader and cBroker. An introduction to the cTrader platform and an explanation of the functions and features available to traders will be a part of the training program.
  • You will have access to Tier 1 banks and other critical financial institutions’ liquidity. This means you may offer your clients narrow spreads with low latency and lightning-fast execution.
  • You may rest easy knowing that B2Broker has you covered with round-the-clock assistance. B2Broker’s 24/7 availability and multilingual support staff ensure that any problem you encounter will be resolved promptly.
  • Automate trading using C# and user-defined indicators and robots. The White Label cTrader from B2Broker gives you the ability to provide your customers with an easy-to-implement and fully-tailorable algorithmic trading solution.
  • Maintaining legal authorization to operate is a top priority for your company. All of the paperwork and legal requirements are taken care of at the outset, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: expanding your brokerage.
  • Benefit from our demo environment, third-party integrations, STP, upfront pricing, and sleek user interface. Proxy servers are conveniently placed worldwide to ensure a consistent connection with minimal lag time.
  • The cTrader platform is an all-inclusive trading solution that gives brokers everything they need to be successful. With B2Broker’s White Label cTrader, you can provide your customers with a trading experience of the highest caliber, complete with all of the features and tools necessary for them to trade profitably.

Closing Thoughts

The B2Broker White Label cTrader is the ideal choice for brokers who want to provide their customers with a trading experience on par with the very best in the world. Your customers can safely and successfully engage in commerce with access to all of the necessary features and tools. Because B2Broker provides customer service around the clock, you can rest assured that any problem will be solved quickly and effectively, no matter when or where it occurs. So, if you’re seeking a dependable and complete trading solution for your brokerage, B2Broker’s White Label cTrader is the way to go!