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The price of Axie Infinity has been performing well over the course of the last week, and has now risen 6% higher to reach $7.24.

Play to earn games received a huge boost over the course of the last bull market and several have the potential to perform extremely well in the coming bull market.


TARO is the native token of the RobotEra metaverse, which is a brand new metaverse designed to capitalise on the niche of robots.

Players have the opportunity in the metaverse to build their own cities to their hearts’ content, and can showcase their NFT collections and socialise with other robots.

There has been a lot of buzz around the project, and many believe that the RobotEra metaverse could one day come to dethrone the Sandbox, given RobotEra’s much larger utility.


Calvaria is a brand new play to earn game in which players can build up their card decks to wage battles against one another.

The presale is now in its final stage, with only 25m left to be sold. Once the presale has concluded, the RIA token will be listed on a variety of different exchanges and the team will be releasing their game shortly after.


TAMA is the native token of the Tamadoge ecosystem, which is a play to earn gaming ecosystem with puppy meme aesthetics.

The team managed to successfully raise $19m for the project in the largest presale ever conducted for a meme token, and since then the project has gone from strength to strength, having already released two NFT collections.

In the coming weeks, the first iterations of the play to earn game are to be released as part of the Tamaverse, a custom-designed metaverse specifically for Tamadoges.


LBLOCK is the token of the Lucky Block ecosystem, which initially carved itself out a niche in the area of NFT prize draws.

Those who use the platform have the opportunity to win a range of different prizes, including luxury homes and millions in Bitcoin.

However, over the course of the last week the team has added to the Lucky Block product offering by including a crypto casino and a sportsbook in time for the world cup.

This is a part of the Lucky Block team’s wider plan to become one of the most dominant platforms to offer games of chance in the entire space.


IBAT is the token of the Battle Infinity play to earn gaming ecosystem, and after successfully raising 16,500 BNB at their presale, the team have gone on to complete many of the stages of their roadmap.

Battle Infinity is creating a series of play to earn games in the e-sports industry, and plans to challenge current giants such as Dream 11.

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