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Axie Infinity (AXS) price is seeing some momentum today on the back of news just out that its Origins game app has been approved in the Google Play Store.

The AXS price is up 2% at $7.05 on the news (see chart above) but there could be more buyers turning up as the news is picked up across the crypto space.

Axie infinity AXS price chart

In what Axie describes as a first for Web 3.0 gaming, breaking into the store is a major achievement and could help clear the path for other crypto games.

Up until March 2022 Axie Infinity was the top play-to-earn games game globally, with players in developing economy countries such as the Philippines at one stage able to earn a living from playing the game.

However, that all came crashing down when the Ronin bridge – vital to the Axie Infinity ecosystem – was hacked and $610 million siphoned off.

Since then though, Axie has been working hard to rebuild.

With strong backing from Animoca Brands which invests in Sky Mavis, the Vietnamese company behind Axie, the play store news could be a major sign of more good news to come on the product development front

A year’s work by Axie with Google comes to fruition

In a blog announcing the news Axie states: “We’re thrilled to share that we passed Google Play Store review! We’ve worked closely with the Play Store over the past year, sharing our learnings as the leading web3 game developer. This culminated in Origins passing a completely transparent review process – we believe it to be the first web3 game to do so.”

To start with Origins will be soft launched in the the Malaysian Play Store.

The Axie team states, “This gives our team the opportunity to continue testing and improving the game. As part of this strategy to “dip our toes” into markets to gather data and iterate, we will also be launching Origins in smaller countries that mirror the demographics and player archetypes of regions such as North/South America, Europe, and East Asia. This will allow us to make Origins even better by the time it starts going live in other countries for maximum effect.”

But when will the Origins play-to-earn mechanics be integrated on Google Play?

However, Axie points out that the play store iteration of the game will be limited, so players will not be able to earn tokens, which is of course one of thee main attractions of Web 3.0 gaming. Axie Origins is currently free to play.

This is how Axie explains that: “The early Play Store versions of the app will have limited features. For example, players will not be able to earn tokens, in compliance with current Play Store policies. Of course, we remain committed to our vision of a player-owner digital nation, and will continue working with app platforms to unlock that in our builds. “

Clearly Axie believes that it will convince Google that it can develop a payments system to fit in with the play store guidelines.

That may involve having to pay a portion of earnings to Google as part of its app store agency model, which effectively means the likes of Google and Apple act as the gatekeepers of the mobile app world.

The news from Axie is very much a case of ‘watch this space’, because if and when P2E goes live in Origins, it will be a huge step forward for crypto games.

Origins has been developed by Axie to address the problems with the original Axie, which was criticised for being boring to play, expensive to access and for having a wildly inflationary coin, Smooth Love Potions (SLP), at it s core.

In related news, Axie has seen its NFT sales crash.

Here’s two play-to-earn games that could blow Origins out of the water: Calvaria and RobotEra

Project teams at two other games – Calvaria and RobotEra – will be watching development at Axie closely. Unlike Origins on the Google play store, they are not crippled by the exclusion of P2E mechanics and economy. To play you just need an internet connection and a browser.

Calvaria, Duels of Eternity, is a play-to-earn battle card game that includes a free to play mode, story mode, AAA 3D graphics that takes crypto gaming to a new level of professionalism and enjoyment.

The project has raised $2.54m and is supported by Polygon Studios. All in-game transactions are on the Polygon Layer 2 network, so gameplay is hyper efficient and smooth.

Calvaria is in presale now, but you will need to move fast to get in because it finishes on 31 January 2023.

Calvaria’s RIA token signed to list on BKex exchange (the 19th largest by 23-hour trading volume) this week.

A whale recently bought 97,500 worth of RIA – there are only 18% of tokens left on sale so hurry to buy to catch the predicted price pump.

Visit Calvaria Presale here

Is RobotEra a Decentraland killer? Checkout its presale

RobotEra is another play-to-earn that is making waves, this time by looking to snatch the crown from the likes of The Sandbox and Decentraland with its unique metaverse building-game environment.

In the RobotEra metaverse vision, users build in outer space with the help of robots. A whole new world of planetary exploration awaits!

It is in presale now and has raised $600,000 from eager investors. Its metaverse galaxy is set to launch in Q1 2023 and the VR/AR rollout will “realize the integration of reality and virtuality” in Q2 2023.

YouTube traders reckon RobotEra’s TARO token could 10x at launch. Find out more in the video:

Visit RobotEra Presale here

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