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At the latest Tesla investor day, CEO Elon Musk just outlined his ambitious new “Master Plan 3”, a vision for “a sustainable energy future”.

Master Plan 3 requires $10 trillion in investments to power the sustainable development of raw material mining and refining, to upgrade energy storage capabilities and to upgrade vehicle batteries.

His vision would see the entire electric grid, heating and transportation systems go electric. Only rockets will continue using fossil fuels, according to Musk, who is also CEO of SpaceX and Twitter.

And Musk’s plan is badly needed, as global warming accelerates and its negative consequences become clearer.

Transitioning from fossil-fuel vehicles to electric will be a key part of any sustainable future. Over the course of their lifetime, fossil fuel vehicles result in significantly worse CO2 emissions, contributing to global climate change.

Indeed, fossil fuel-powered modes of transportation account for around 27% of global CO2 emissions, according to the US EPA.

Meanwhile, fossil fuel vehicle emissions contribute to air pollution, which remains one of the leading causes of premature worldwide.

EVs also reduce noise pollution, another big problem in urban areas. According to the UN, noise pollution has a negative impact on risks relating to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

This Green Crypto Start-up Can Accelerate the EV Transition

One proposed way to accelerate the shift to EVs is to find a way to “democratize” the carbon credit market, which has largely been dominated by big players like major industrial polluters (buyers) and major EV makers like Tesla (sellers).

EV drivers could be rewarded with carbon credits every time they charge their vehicles, the thinking goes.

Thankfully, a revolutionary new green crypto start-up called C+Charge is bringing this use case into reality. Thanks to blockchain innovation, carbon credits can now be put on-chain in a fractionalized non-fungible token (NFT) form.

C+Charge is building an EV charging payments platform that will reward EV drivers with carbon credit NFTs.

The green crypto start-up is also looking to revolutionize EV charging in other ways – EV drivers lack real-time information as to which charging stations are currently operational and pricing isn’t transparent.

C+Charge’s centralized payments app will also function as an EV station monitor, giving drivers information on wait times and availability. Meanwhile, all transactions will take place on the blockchain, ensuring absolute price transparency.

Investors Are Rushing to Secure CCHG Tokens

To fund the development of its platform and expansion of its business activities, C+Charge is currently conducting a presale of its CCHG token – the token that will be used on the platform to pay for charging.

The presale, which has been ranked as among the best crypto presales of the year by the Business2Community team, has been a huge success, having now raised more than $2 million.

CCHG tokens are currently selling for $0.018, with the presale in its fifth stage, but prices will rise once again to $0.019 in just under six days, so investors should move quickly to secure their bag.

By the end of the presale, the CCHG price will have risen to $0.0235 – meaning those who get in now could be sat on a healthy 30% paper gain in just a few weeks.

Potential buyers should be aware that tokens can be scooped up quickly. Just a few weeks ago, a crypto whale recently banked a massive $99,000 worth of CCHG tokens in one whack, as can be verified here on per BscScan.

According to many observers, the current CCHG could prove a huge bargain in the long run.

As the shift to EVs from traditional fossil fuel cars accelerates and nations step up their efforts to combat climate change, many analysts think CCHG’s price could go a lot higher, with some even going as far as to claim the cryptocurrency could 10x when it launches on exchanges in under two months.

Check out the latest analysis from the likes of Jacob Crypto Bury, Crypto Gains, Cilinix Crypto and analysts at Business2Community for more on the outlook for CCHG.

CCHG can be bought with USDT (both the ERC-20 and BEP-20 variants) and ETH.

Investors should also be aware that C+Charge is conducting a $50,000 giveaway – investors must hold at least $100 of CCHG on the day of the draw to be eligible to win the prize.

CCHG is Already Deflationary

C+Charge recently made a hugely exciting announcement with regards to the project’s tokenomics. The green crypto start-up will now burn any CCHG tokens left over at each presale stage.

Token burning has already gotten underway – the burn of 35,658,291 tokens from stage 2 of the presale took place a week ago, as can be verified on BscScan here.

At the current presale price of $0.018 per CCHG token, that amounts to over $600,000 in burnt tokens.

Meanwhile, another 35,815,716 tokens, the left-over tokens from stage 3, were just burnt, as can also be verified on BscScan here.

According to C+Charge, the token burns are “reducing the total supply and increasing the value of your assets”.

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