Crypto prices across the board are sinking deeper in the red amidst the first significant pullback from January’s aggressive push. This turbulence comes after the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily traded volume, Kraken settled with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for allegedly offering staking-as-a-service programs to investors without registration.

Experts like the Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, believe rumors of the SEC deliberating banning staking to be “a terrible path.” Crypto prices generally took a beating, with Ethereum price sliding below $1,550 – reported on Friday. The bellwether crypto, Bitcoin has lost 4.1% of its value on the day to trade at $21,762 at the time of writing.

The sell-off was reflected in a 4.6% drop in market capitalization to $1.060 trillion. At the helm of the recovery in January, the market cap reached highs slightly above $1.1 trillion. If investors continue selling in fear, the crypto market’s value could revisit levels below the $1 trillion mark.

Coins Offering A Better Risk-Reward Ratio In 2023 As Crypto Prices Tumble

Investors are suddenly worried that the crypto winter never really left and that ongoing declines will continue in the coming months. However, there are selected best altcoins to buy for 2023, as investors mull over the contents of their crypto prices.

All the tokens listed below are in their presales and give investors a chance to be early adopters. Similarly, they are selling out fast because of the solid fundamental they possess along with the ability to shape the future of their niche sectors.

Meta Masters Guild Is The Future Of Crypto Gaming

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is one of the best-selling crypto presales in 2023, raising $3.45 million in a matter of weeks. Despite the presale being the most important event for the up-and-coming ecosystem, the team is working around the clock to build its first game, Meta Kart Racers.

With the presale in stage 6, MEMAG, the platform’s native token sells for $0.021, which means approximately $500k is being raised every week. The current round will close in two days, ahead of stage 7 (the last round), where investors will need $0.023 to buy 1 MEMAG token.

As investors scoop up MEMAG tokens, the team in collaboration with Gameround, a renowned game developer, is building Meta Masters Kart – expected by the end of this year.

Gameround’s reputation in the gaming industry is remarkable. They are known for creating games for the high-profile fashion retailer, Boohoo, which boasts $1 billion in revenues. Meta Masters Kart will have a free entry-level version but users will have the chance to upgrade to premium versions.

Meta Masters Guild plans to focus on mobile Web3 solutions to cut down on production costs, a key element it will use to edge above the competition. Players will gain access to the games using MEMAG, with rewards paid in an in-game currency called Gems.

Gems can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens which can then be staked for additional rewards. Users can also buy in-game items and pay for upgrades in addition to swapping Gems for other cryptos like ETH. With the presale’s hard cap at $4.97, it means the project is very close to launching.

Visit Meta Masters Guild Now.

Fight Out (FGHT): Bringing Web3 Solutions To The Fitness Industry

Investors are not looking further than Fight Out for their fitness lifestyle goals. Fight Out is also committed to introducing the massive Web2 audience to move-to-earn (M2E) backed by user-friendly technologies. Through digital avatars, users will seamlessly be onboarded on Web3 and introduced to the metaverse.

The team is also building Fight Out as an M2E application and global gym chain, intending to gamify the fitness lifestyle. Users will receive rewards in REPs, an in-app currency, for completing workouts and challenges.

Fight Out is unlike any modern fitness boutiques, which by every measure, are very expensive and lock out most people. Upon signing up on the app, users are prompted to update key details such as fitness goals, preferred exercises, and available equipment. The app tracks metrics such as sleep patterns to help users lead healthy lifestyles.

Top-notch fitness coaches and high-profile athletes have also been engaged to help customize training techniques and programs for every user, which eliminates the need to have a personal trainer.

Fight Out lets users mint their own soulbound avatars, as NFTs. They are soulbound because they cannot be sold or transferred. Although, they grow as users gain more strength and progress in their fitness journeys.

It is a tall order to fit all of Fight Out’s features in a few paragraphs but investors may want to click on the link below to learn more. Note that with $4.03 million raised so far, the presale is almost to the finish line. Currently, the price of FGHT is increasing in 12-hour intervals.

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C+Charge (CCHG): Revolutionizing The EV Charging Industry

C+Charge is the world’s first platform to open the door to the carbon credit industry, which is dominated by big corporations like Tesla and BMW. Powered by a Web3 application, C+Charge will reward drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) with carbon credits each time they pay with CCHG at charging stations.

The carbon credit industry has the potential to grow to be worth $2.4 trillion by 2027 and C+Charge hopes to be at the forefront of decentralizing the EV charging process. At the core of the process, is C+Charge’s mobile application.

The app will launch with features such as a carbon credit tracker, different payment options offered by the charging stations, a charging station finder, real-time charger wait times, and up-to-date prices for all available charging stations.

(3) C+Charge on Twitter: “What can you do to fight against climate change?♻️ 💪🏼Stop driving fossil fuels vehicles 💪🏼Do your research on the science behind climate change 💪🏼Practice energy-saving Join us and start making your steps to change the world #Presale #ReFi #Blockchain” / Twitter

NFTs will be used to incorporate real-world use cases for Web3 solutions. Users can create NFTs from all the carbon credits earned, which can be traded in a dedicated marketplace.

The C+Charge presale is now in stage 2 with $872k raised. Investors should consider making haste before stage 3 of the presale comes in 5 days with the price increasing from $0.013 to $0.02.

Visit C+Charge Now.

RobotEra (TARO): A Different View For The Metaverse

RobotEra is bringing an ecosystem that will connect other metaverse worlds in addition to allowing users to rebuild a virtual world, with assets – forming part of the world. Building on RobotEra is not complicated as the platform incorporates ‘inbuilt’ user-friendly tools that can be used without code.

Users in this ecosystem will have multiple avenues to generate income including a play-to-earn game. A Robot NFT will be required to enter the games battling for fragments. The fragments earned will be used to mint NFTs—sold at a profit.

Players who perform exceptionally well will win rare items used to improve key player attributes. These items can also be sold at profit. The RobotEra metaverse platform uses a simple scripting language to allow users to quickly build games, applications, and offer key services like gambling and dynamic 3D scenes.

Users in RobotEra will congregate in areas of mutual interest. Users will be drawn to the landowners’ assets if they are located in high-traffic centers.

The sale of TARO via a presale has so far brought in $845k, with the first round ending soon. Prospective investors will need to move fast, considering the price will increase to $0.02 in stage 2 from the current $0.020.

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