Anarchy Coin ($ANA) is a new Ethereum-based meme crypto that is community-driven and leverages the power of memes to create a revolution.

What is its goal? To combat the flaws of the conventional financial system, such as increasing inflation and misuse of power.

Anarchy Coin aims to unite a community against systemic corruption, empowering ordinary people. $ANA isn’t just another crypto trying to make a quick profit. It aims to fight this corruption via decentralization.

While reforming outdated financial systems, the platform aims to provide investors with upside potential. The Anarchy coin is still in its presale phase and has already raised over $395,000, showing increased early investor traction.

It plans to improve the functionalities of meme coins, which have been popularized by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). These coins, however, have faced obstacles recently, including high volatility and regulatory scrutiny.

$ANA would also need to overcome several challenges, such as gaining mainstream adoption, ensuring security measures, and keeping its community engaged.

This is where its DAO-based model and deflationary tokenomics could play a vital role in giving it an edge over other meme coins.

Decentralized Democracy: Anarchy Coin’s Community-Led DAO Approach

Anarchy Coin sets itself apart with its democratic and community-centric governance model – the Anarchy DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

This community-led DAO lets token holders actively participate in the decision-making and allocation of funds.

Members can suggest proposals for charitable initiatives and investment opportunities, among other critical decisions. The proposal that receives the most votes is implemented, promoting community ownership.

Anarchy’s DAO uses Gnosis Safe, a multi-signature security solution, to safeguard its treasury. This adds an extra layer of transparency and accountability, creating trust in the organization.

Moreover, token holders have the power to elect and remove DAO ambassadors – individuals tasked with the day-to-day management of the treasury.

This DAO-based model and transparent governance can help Anarchy maintain an engaged community, which can help $ANA outperform other meme coins predominantly influenced by speculation.

$ANA Presale & Token Distribution

Anarchy Coin’s ongoing presale of its native $ANA tokens offers tokens at a presale price of $0.00021 USDT. The token price is set to increase post-launch during the planned Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

A critical feature of these $ANA tokens is their deflationary nature. With each transaction, 0.5% of the tokens are permanently burned, reducing the total supply and possibly driving up the value of the remaining tokens.

Additionally, 4.5% of every transaction is funneled into the DAO, fueling community-driven projects.

The total pool of Anarchy tokens is 69,420,000,000, with 80% reserved for presale and 20% for liquidity, making the project community-focused and potentially lucrative in the long run.

Potential investors can check the Anarchy Coin Twitter page to stay updated with presale progress and pricing.

Mission: Challenging The Status Quo of Traditional Finance

Anarchy Coin positions itself as a catalyst for systemic change, calling for a collective challenge against current societal issues.

It creates a community devoted to initiating change, employing memes as a medium of dissent, and encourages supporters to be in a movement that confronts change, not just hopes for it.

The project highlights several issues in our existing financial system, like instances of bank failures, data misuse, policy-driven inflation, and constrained access to financial services.

Anarchy Coin takes a firm position against organizations it believes invade privacy rights and free speech.

Specifically, it criticizes institutions such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), alleging that they restrict access to financial services and impede privacy rights.

With $ANA, Anarchy Coin aims to empower individuals to fight for true freedom of speech and privacy rights.

You can join the Anarchy Coin Telegram community to get the latest updates on the project’s journey.