The Dash 2 Trade presale has already raised more than $2.9 million, with stage two of the presale already progressing well amid high demand for the coin from investors. The high amount raised so far comes barely a week after this presale started.

Dash 2 Trade presale raises $2.9 million

Dash 2 Trade is a trading signals platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform plans to give investors access to various real-time analytics and social data after the project officially launches during the first quarter of 2023.

Given the amount that the presale has raised in around one week, the amount raised from the presale comes in at around $337,000 daily, showing that stage two will be completed soon. Stage two of the presale is expected to end after D2T raises $5,166,000. After the stage ends, the presale price will rise again from the current $0.05 to $0.0513, which is a 2.6% rise.

Investors who want to participate in the Dash 2 Trade presale can do so easily. Traders can visit the Dash 2 Trade website to connect their Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallets before buying D2T using Ethereum or USDT.

Traders participating in this presale will be joining a large number of investors rallying to buy the coin. In the coming hours, the presale will likely breach the $3 million level, a major milestone.

Crypto signals platform could deliver 30X gains

D2T could be the next token to explode because of the high demand from investors believing in the solid fundamentals of the project. The Dash 2 Trade whitepaper says that it is a platform that will give novice and experienced investors a wide range of tools that will assist them in making informed investment decisions.

Some tools that will be offered by Dash 2 Trade include buy and sell opportunities, social sentiment around some cryptocurrencies, tools to build strategy, cryptocurrency presales, and alerts about new listings on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Traders can access these tools on the Dash 2 Trade dashboard. The tools will make it easier for investors to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market and allow them to be proactive in their investment decisions.

The Dash 2 Trade platform will have a subscription system that will give them access to features depending on the tier that they are in. Dash 2 Trade will also have a free-to-use option, but this one will have a small number of tools. Users can also choose between the Starter Tier and Premium Tier.

The Starter Tier can be accessed at 400 D2T per month, while the Premium Tier will be accessed at 1000 D2T. The use of D2T to pay for subscriptions makes it one of the best utility tokens. As the Dash 2 Trade platform, D2T will likely explode.

Besides the early gains that will be seen by investors that are early in the presale, the Dash 2 Trade team expects that the token will gain in the long term. Dash 2 Trade has branched from Learn2Trade, a leading forex signals provider with a community of more than 60,000. This adds to the likelihood of D2T rallying 30x this year.

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