Anarchy Coin ($ANA) is a new player among meme cryptos that aims to provide a platform for those frustrated by an increasingly oppressive financial system.

The platform highlights serious problems like rising inflation, regulatory uncertainty, and misuse of power in the traditional financial system.

Recently launched on Ethereum, Anarchy is currently on presale and has already raised more than $390k. It claims to be more than just a meme coin; a movement against corruption via the spirit of true decentralization.

At its core, Anarchy aims to confront the failings of traditional financial systems by combining community engagement and blockchain.

Unlike many other cryptos, Anarchy is not simply about investment and profits. It seeks to harness the power of the community to challenge existing corrupt practices, looking to give control back to the people.

Anarchy isn’t solely focused on serious matters. It recognizes the influence of humor and employs it as a tool to confront corrupt systems.

It aims to improve the functionality of meme coins, a category made famous by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). However, DOGE & SHIB have faced volatility, regulatory, and scalability issues over the past few months.

Nonetheless, Anarchy still may have to address concerns such as gaining wide acceptance, ensuring strong security measures, and maintaining a highly active and engaged community.

Anarchy’s DAO

The unique element of Anarchy is its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which assigns governance and decision-making to its community.

Anarchy’s DAO is built on a democratic model, giving token holders a say in fund allocation and strategic direction.

The community votes on these proposals, and the most popular one gets implemented. This ensures active participation from the community, creating a sense of proprietorship among its members.

For example, the community may vote on philanthropic initiatives or investment opportunity proposals. Also, Anarchy employs Gnosis Safe to secure the DAO treasury, providing more transparency and accountability.

Community members, who are token holders, play an active role in the DAO by choosing and voting off DAO ambassadors responsible for handling the treasury’s daily tasks. This clear governance setup gives Anarchy a unique advantage over its rival meme coins.

Anarchy Presale & Token Mechanics

The ongoing presale of $ANA tokens allows potential investors to buy the tokens at a discounted rate. At the time of writing, $ANA is in its first presale stage, and buyers can grab the tokens at a presale price of $0.00021. This price is expected to rise further during the official launch.

What distinguishes Anarchy further is its deflationary model. With every transaction, 0.5% of the total amount is burned, reducing the overall token supply and potentially driving up the value of remaining tokens over time.

Meanwhile, 4.5% of every transaction is channeled to the DAO, contributing to community-driven initiatives.

The total token supply of Anarchy is 69,420,000,000, with 80% made available for sale and 20% reserved for liquidity. You can keep a tab on the Anarchy Twitter page to stay updated with presale milestones.

Mission: A Unified Stand Against Systemic Issues

The project symbolizes more than just a stand against unethical practices. Anarchy Coin aims to unify a community rallying behind a shared goal.

Utilizing the medium of memes, $ANA lets followers have the chance to participate in a community that is not merely desiring change but is poised to challenge the current status quo.

Anarchy Coin’s objective highlights several problems in our existing financial structure. These range from bank failures, misutilization of data, poorly planned policies causing inflation, and restricted availability of financial resources.

The project challenges certain ideologies of social consciousness, pointing out their potential negative impact on meritocracy and individual freedoms. It opposes government bodies and corporations that infringe on privacy rights and limit freedom of speech.

Moreover, the Anarchy mission statement also calls out entities such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), accusing them of limiting financial access and impinging on privacy rights.

The platform aims to offer individual empowerment, freedom of speech, and improved privacy rights. You can join the Anarchy Telegram channel for updates on the project’s latest progress.