Alex Jones Pocketed Infowars Bitcoin Donations Alleges Trial Witness

The Sandy Hook defamation trial entered the second day. The trial is against Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, where a corporate representative of Jones’ company said that he solicited cryptocurrency donations that went towards his personal use.

Alex Jones accused of pocketing crypto donations

During the second day of the trial, Brittany Paz took the stand. Paz is an attorney also acting as a representative for Free Speech Systems, the parent company for Infowars.

The defamation trial against Jones is being held to determine the amount of damages he should pay as compensation to the families affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. Jones said the 2012 school shooting that left six teachers and 20 children dead was “a hoax.”

Jones repeated his opinions about the shooting during his shows. He has already lost in three defamation trials due to his failure to give adequate responses to discovery. Paz was chosen as a corporate representative for the company earlier this year, and she is testifying on behalf of the Infowars parent company.

While giving her testimony, Paz evaded questions that revolved around the company’s operations, and she did not know that someone who served at her level was expected to have.

The plaintiff’s attorneys spent the entire Wednesday questioning the company representative to discover the link between the company’s revenues and online traffic. The plaintiffs’ attorney, Chris Mattei, was referring to the growth in the audience after Jones started his conspiracy theory on Sandy Hook after the tragedy.

Mattei wanted to discover how Jones’ outrageous remarks after the Sandy Hook massacre affected the growth of the audience and resulted in billions of impressions on social platforms. It also wanted to establish revenue growth following the sale of supplements, food buckets, and other items of Infowars.

The attorney also added that Jones would also solicit crypto donations during his show, which the attorney said would go towards Jones’ personal needs, and that he would not share the information of these donations with his audience. Paz said that Jones did not reveal where the donations went or what he did with them.

According to Paz, Jones made multiple pleas on air for donations, saying that they would go towards supporting his show and the network. However, Paz added that she did not know whether these donations went towards Free Speech Systems.

Jones sold merchandise and solicited these donations with claims that they would go towards helping people protect themselves from those who wanted to kill humanity, with the funds expected to stop these people from taking his show offline.

Jones received $8M in Bitcoin donations

Jones seems to have a broad reach, with some of his listeners believing in his theories. For instance, earlier this year, an anonymous donor gave him around $8 million worth of Bitcoin before the defamation suit started. It is important to note that Jones has since rescinded his previous beliefs and no longer calls the Sandy Hook tragedy a hoax.

The web 3.0 & crypto sector has been instrumental in aiding activists and whistleblowers. For instance, the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has received crypto donations to aid his legal course. Edward Snowden has also applauded the role that crypto plays in supporting whistleblowers.

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