Application developers are disgruntled at the lack of time they have available to work on innovation.

That’s according to a new research report on the state of app development released by Features-as-a-Service platform Onymos, who surveyed over 100 app development managers.

According to the report, 70% of app developer managers are dissatisfied with how much time they have to focus on innovation.

Despite innovation being critical to success in the fast-moving world of application development, 47% of managers said that their teams only spend 25% of their time on innovation.

45% of managers are also unhappy with the speed at which their teams are able to develop new products, the report revealed.

30% said that it took their team between four and six months to develop a new web or mobile app, while 28% said it took longer.

What’s Holding Things Up and What’s the Cure?

The report revealed that the maintenance and updating of existing applications is becoming increasingly arduous.

56% of managers said their teams’ workload for updating apps is increasing year-to-year.

28% said their teams update apps multiple times per month and 43% said their teams spend almost half of their time and productivity purely on maintenance.

Despite massive market demand for app development companies to innovate and provide applications that offer real world value via novel features and functionality, “engineering teams and developers are unable to dedicate the appropriate amount of time required for these activities due to overwhelming workloads that primarily consist of maintenance and recouping technical debt,” Onymos’ CEO and Founder Shiva Nathan said.

“Companies must find a way to make their development processes more efficient so that their teams can be truly innovative and focus on the activities that contribute to their application and company success”, he continued.

Onymos argues at the end of its report that a path to innovation and efficiency would be for developers to adopt Features-as-a-Service services, such as those offered by Onymos.

The report said argues that “FaaS delivers pre-built “component” features that receive continuous and automatic updates, without sacrificing quality, code, or time”, thus “freeing up developer time for innovation and acceleration”.

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