62% of Bitcoin

Over the course of the last few years, there has been an impressive trend when it comes Bitcoin hodlers. The number of long-term holders is always rising, and it has now reached the point that 62% of all Bitcoin has not been moved in at least a year.

62% of Bitcoin has not moved in a year

The significance of not moving so much Bitcoin is that the asset becomes far scarcer.

As more and more Bitcoin stays still, there are fewer Bitcoin being sent to exchanges to be traded and fewer Bitcoin that can be sold on the market.

Now, over 62% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply has not moved for over one year, and this trend is something that is becoming more consistent and noticeable as a trend over time.

The largest holders (whales with over 1,000 Bitcoin) have been consistently distributing their Bitcoin to smaller holders, meaning that the relative level of inequality in Bitcoin has been consistently falling.

Bitcoin becomes increasingly scarce

One of the most important aspects of Bitcoin’s “number go up” technology is the fact that Bitcoin’s inflation rate is extremely low.

Over time, more and more Bitcoin will be lost as people fail to effectively custody their keys and lose their seed phrases.

It is already estimated that approximately 20% of all Bitcoin has already been lost forever.

As more and more Bitcoin is lost, more Bitcoin is effectively taken out of supply. To all intents and purposes, this reduces the circulating supply and means that there are fewer Bitcoin per person.

Currently, Bitcoin is owned by less than 200m people in the world, but it is expected that by 2024, at the current rate of logarithmic growth, there will be over one billion holders of the cryptocurrency within a few years.

More people hodl for the long term

Initially, Bitcoin’s value derived from the narrative that it could be used for digital payments without intermediaries as a form of “digital cash”.

The potential for this sort of use case is even mentioned in Satoshi’s white paper.

However, since 2009 the value proposition of Bitcoin has developed from merely being a currency to being something that people can use as a tool to store value over the long term – rather than being used for payments, Bitcoin tends to capitalise on its exceptionally low velocity and security to store wealth for the long term.

Miners become increasingly bullish on Bitcoin

Miners are extremely important for Bitcoin, and the hash rate reflects how strong and secure the network is.

Despite the price having declined 70%, mining being banned in China, and energy costs continuing to rise, the hash rate continues to break all-time highs and Bitcoin continues to become more and more secure as a network.

This is also reflective of the fact that Bitcoin mining remains to be an extremely profitable industry, and that miners are still very optimistic about the price of Bitcoin going forward. If they were not so optimistic and did not believe that they would be able to maintain their mining operations profitably, they would not continue to mine Bitcoin.

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