6 Crypto That Could Bounce Back After the Crypto Crash

The cryptocurrency market has experienced another significant drop heading into this week, with Bitcoin reaching lows of $18,400 on Monday.

Pressure from the previous week has increased due to the Federal Reserve’s announcement of August inflation figures that were worse than expected. Now that the Fed is expected to raise interest rates again, crypto investors appear to be clearing the market and hedging their investments.

As a result, the market has plummeted significantly, which may continue in the near future. As many people know, market declines offer the best opportunities for cryptocurrency investors. Following the market’s decline, here are some coins that could bounce back after the crypto crash.

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

The first option among coins that could bounce back after the crypto crash is IBAT, which functions as the native token for Battle Infinity – a fantasy sports game that incorporates trending concepts like the metaverse and non-fungible tokens.

IBAT Price Chart

In Battle Infinity, players are taken into the IBAT Premier League – a fantasy sports metaverse where they can purchase NFTs representing real-life athletes. They use these NFTs to form teams, switch players, and monitor the performances of real-life athletes.

The better the performance of their athletes, the higher the value of their NFTs. At the end of the league, the team with the highest point is declared the winner.

Besides being a remarkable asset, investors can also buy Battle Infinity for passive income purposes. Its developers are incorporating staking this week, bringing another layer of functionality to the coin.

IBAT currently trades at $0.0029. The coin’s price dropped by 25.64% in the past week.

2. Tamadoge (TAMA)

TAMA is one of the most exciting new coins to enter the crypto market. The asset is the native token for Tamadoge – a self-styled “play-to-earn Dogecoin” that combines the sporadic gains of meme coins with the functionality of blockchain gaming.


With Tamadoge, players can own digital pets that NFTs represent. These pets can be groomed and battled alongside other pets, with the opportunity to earn rewards if they win a battle.

TAMA was launched this year and has concluded its presale. The asset presented one of the most exciting presales in the market. Its developers announced that they would release information on Tamadoge’s exchange and claiming information on the 20th of September at 12 PM BST.

With the full Tamadoge platform set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, there are compelling reasons to buy Tamadoge and anticipate future profits. When the asset begins trading on centralized exchanges, it will likely appreciate further, especially given the level of investor demand already observed.

3. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK is another interesting option for that could bounce back after the crypto crash. The asset is the native token for Lucky Block – an up-and-coming NFT competition and rewards platform.

LBLOCK Price Chart

LBLOCK was built to offer access to the Lucky Block gaming ecosystem. Investors can buy Lucky Block to play the platform’s games, but the asset’s true appeal lies in its developers’ regular prize draws and pools.

Currently, LBLOCK trades at $0.00034. The coin’s price slumped by 29.16% in the past week.

Despite the downturn, LBLOCK remains an interesting asset for investors. The asset’s developers recently added a monthly burn mechanism to the coin, ensuring that 1% of its total supply is burned – this should improve the asset’s tokenomics and enhance its value.

LBLOCK has also been listed on the popular Gate.io centralized exchange, bringing it to even more potential investors. Investors should keep this coin on their watchlists as we all wait for the market to recover.

4. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a market giant. As the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the industry, the asset is a trailblazer and a draw for traditional investors and blockchain developers.

ETH Price Chart

Trading at $1,294, ETH is down by 26.22% in the past week. Regardless, this seems to be a good time to buy Ethereum.

The asset is a large-cap coin, meaning it will be one of the biggest beneficiaries as soon as the market recovers. So, the current price appears to be a discount.

Another huge draw for investors looking to buy Ethereum is the recent Ethereum Merge, which finalized the blockchain’s transition to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

The upgrade, which was three years in the making, will see the Ethereum blockchain implement a deflationary tokenomic model and optimize its carbon footprint – reducing energy waste by 99.9% – as well as being a major first step to making the network faster, more scalable and more secure.

As the Ethereum blockchain evolves, ETH should become a more appealing investment option.

5. Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB is one of the most valuable coins in the market. It is the largest exchange token, holding the operations of Binance – the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency exchange.

BNB Price Chart

BNB currently trades at $258.02. The asset has lost 13.13% of its value in the past week.

Like Ethereum, investors can confidently buy Binance Coin. The asset’s status as a large-cap coin makes it a good option for anyone looking to enjoy gains once the market downturn ends.

At the same time, Binance’s continued global expansion improves the prospects for BNB. In the past week alone, the exchange partnered on a digital economy project with the Nigerian government and enabled a Ukrainian supermarket chain to accept crypto payments.

6. Terra Classic (LUNC)

Terra Classic rounds out the list of coins that could bounce back after the crypto crash. In May, the value of the asset plummeted by 99 percent. Since then, the asset’s performance has been quite volatile.

However, despite the split of the Terra blockchain and the creation of a new LUNA asset, LUNC continues to impress investors.

LUNC Price Chart

LUNC currently trades at $0.00027. The asset’s price has dropped by 28.9% in the past week.

However, investors looking to buy Terra Classic have much to look forward to. The asset’s developers are gearing up for a 1.2% tax burn mechanism, which will reduce its circulating supply over time and cause the asset to become deflationary.

With support from exchanges like KuCoin and Binance, the tax burn mechanism could trigger a significant jump in the LUNC price.

Conclusion – 6 Crypto That Could Bounce Back After the Crypto Crash

Investors are understandably concerned as coin prices are falling once more. The best investors, however, recognize that market downturns are the best times to enter the market. Several cryptocurrencies provide intriguing purchasing opportunities in this regard.

The assets listed above have shown much promise, especially in terms of fundamentals. When the market turns bullish, these coins’ prices should rise accordingly.

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