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NFTs have exploded in popularity in the past 18 months, with brands and major companies outside the crypto industry also jumping on board. These firms see a lot of potential in using NFTs to engage with their audience and have come up with some creative interactive experiences.

However, 2022 has been hard on the crypto market, and the NFT space has taken a bit of a beating because of the bear market. This is expected, as capital flows out, emerging niches also take a backseat in investors’ minds. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, despite the fact there is a reduction in activity in the NFT niche.

Several NFT collections are bringing interest back into the NFT space. Here, we list 5 Web3 NFT collections that are saving the future of the NFT crypto niche.

5 Web3 NFT Collections Saving the Future of the NFT Crypto Niche

  1. Cocky – An exclusive NFT lifestyle club providing holders access to world-class events
  2. Silks – A Web3 NFT project that mirrors the world of thoroughbred horse racing
  3. World of Women – An NFT collection that is all about inclusion
  4. Kumite NFT – Brings strong storytelling and gameplay features to the NFT niche
  5. Lucky Block: A Play-to-Earn platform where players can participate in various competitions

A Closer Look at These 5 Web3 NFT Collections

1. Cocky

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First off, and arguably the one with the most potential on this list to revolutionize the NFT experience, is Cocky. The platform offers several benefits that show brands and companies how to best engage with their audience. In a nutshell, Cocky is essentially a lifestyle club for users in the 21st century, offering exclusive access to music events, as well as experiences in both the virtual and real world.

The last point is what is key to Cocky’s appeal. Unlike many other NFT platforms, Cocky not only offers access to virtual events but also gives NFT holders access to real-world events in thoughtfully chosen locations. Members can attend between two to four in-person music events every year. Virtual events are viewable as live streams, and NFT holders can view as many of these as they would like.

Cocky location

The real attraction of Cocky is the fact that it hosts real-world events in locations that are unconventional, so you know that every event is distinct and unlike any other. However, users will have to be quick in grabbing these tickets, as the number is determined by the location itself, for obvious reasons. On the plus side, these tokens can be sold on a custom-built second-hand market.

This description of Cocky would be incomplete without a few statements on its tier system, which has three levels: silver, gold, and black. These tiers offer varying rewards to holers, and the overall benefits include accommodation, bar tabs, exclusive merchandise, and subsidized transport.

Cocky will have 10,000 unique NFT in 51 skins – but the mutation system brings an infinite number of possibilities. NFTs can “mutate” as the holder attends more events and participates more in the ecosystem. It’s akin to adding visas to a passport, and they a nice story about the holder while also increasing the rarity of the NFT. Users can also pre-purchase an NFT before the mint, and the project is currently in the pre-sale phase.

The rarest of all Cocky Can NFTs is Black Can. There is only one of its kind. So, it comes with some exclusive perks and privileges at Cocky events for perpetuity.

  • Plus two at all Cocky events
  • Flights to a luxury resort prior to each event
  • Meet and greet the artists
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • All-access pass
  • Bar tab
  • And more!

Before each event, three NFTs will be selected at random to “black out” for 24 hours. They come with exciting benefits at the event:

  • Plus two at the event
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • VIP access
  • Bar tab

In the future, Cocky plans many exciting events. It will notify the public about the location of its first event in Q4 2022. It will take place next year, along with the first generation of mutations of the NFTs. The team plans to introduce many events in the future to keep the audience engaged and coming back to check out what the next event is.

2. Silks

NFTs have applications in all sorts of interests – and that includes the world of horse racing. Silks is a Play-to-Earn that mirrors what happens in the thoroughbred horse racing space. It’s a game first and foremost, and players will have to build a stable with prize-winning horses, which can be bought, traded, bred, and raced. These activities earn players rewards.

But what’s truly unique here is the fact that the horses mirror their real-world counterparts. This means that when a horse wins in the real world, the holder in the game earns the STT token. Additionally, players are rewarded in the form of NFTs.

3. World of Women

World of Women is truly bringing representation to the NFT space – a quality the crypto market has long been known for, as the technology is fundamentally democratic. It may not be working on unique use cases like the other Web3 NFT collections on this list but it doing one fundamentally important thing right.

NFTs have always been about bringing communities together under one cause. This is where World of Women excels above its peers, and it is a perfect representation of what made NFTs popular in the first place: inclusivity.

World of Women aims to bring women into the NFT space and give them equal opportunities to be owners, creators, and contributors in Web3. Benefits include exclusive access, original monthly art drops, raffles and discounts, and invites to annual galas and real-life events.

4. Kumite NFT

Games are where it’s at in the NFT space, though there are some projects that are proving that you can go beyond games. But one Web3 NFT collection that is absolutely nailing the game genre is Kumite. Made by HeroMaker Studios, Kumite works cyberpunk fiction into the game’s storytelling and gameplay features.

The Kumite ecosystem is quite varied and includes both a PVE and PVP game. The game is set in an interesting metaverse with a tight narrative that will be supplemented by graphic novels. Users will also be able to buy land in the metaverse and made trades in an e-commerce marketplace.

Holders of Kumite are the beneficiaries of many perks, including derivate and commercial rights to the NFTs, dapp access, entry tickets into the Kumite Vortex Tournament, access to Kumite NFT graphic novels, staking rewards, airdrops, and more.

5. Lucky Block

Lucky Block

Play-to-Earn games are all the rage in the crypto market these days, and they have done a lot to keep the NFT niche afloat. These platforms have almost single-handedly revived the NFT market and piqued the interest of those outside the space, despite the short time they have been around.

Lucky Block is one of these Play-to-Earn games which gives away some fantastic prizes in competitions. Players can earn a share from the $2 million prize pool, without worrying about fairness and transparency. The team holds the latter two qualities as very important, and they have ensured that everyone has a fair chance of winning.

The competitions themselves are quite varied, with everything from being able to win a Lamborghini to a luxury house. You can also win a $1 million BTC prize. Users must purchase an NFT for the particular prize to participate in giveaways. The winner is announced after all of the NFTs have been sold and all you need to do is hold an NFT to enter a giveaway contest. NFT holders will also earn rewards in the native token of the platform, LBLOCK. The rewards earned are proportional to the time it has been held for.

Following is a list of the NFT collections, alongside the prizes available:

  • Platinum Rollers Club NFTs – Win a Lamborghini
  • 1MHOUSE NFTs – Win a house worth $1 million
  • BTC1M NFTs – Win $1 million BTC prize
  • 5HOLIDAY NFTs – Win a 5* Holiday

In addition, Lucky Block hosts weekly giveaways for completing tasks that have been assigned on Gleam. This offers users a more accessible way to earn rewards.

Some Web3 NFTs Are Injecting Life into the Market

The 5 Web3 NFT collections we listed above are among the most promising when it comes to reinvigorating the NFT space. They are by no means the only collections doing so, but they are certainly leading the charge. These collections show promise when it comes to building a community and creating consistently engaging experiences with audiences. And some, like Cocky, are working on novel solutions that show the world that NFTs have a lot more to offer.