Real estate Metropoly

The Metropoly presale has been flying off the shelf after crossing the $500,000 level in February 2023. However, investors are rushing to purchase the METRO token as they believe the groundbreaking real estate NFT marketplace has the potential to help the METRO token soar by more than 10x.

Metropoly is revolutionizing the real estate investment space, providing an easy method for crypto buyers to diversify their portfolios into safer assets with as little as $100. This article covers the three main reasons investors believe the future of real estate investment is through Metropoly.

Metropoly Soars Past $500k

Metropoly is currently hosting a presale for the METRO token, the native token that will power the Metropoly ecosystem. METRO will be the primary transaction and rewards token for the entire platform. The presale is currently in the 9th stage, selling each METRO token for a total of $0.0625. The presale uses an increasing pricing mechanism in which METRO prices increase after the fundraising hits certain milestones.

The next price increase is expected when the presale crosses $1 million. Therefore, it’s best for investors to get in earlier as they will have more profits to bank once the presale is complete and the METRO token is listed on tier-1 exchanges across the industry.

Why Can it 10X?

Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties that generate a passive income for holders. The entire idea behind the platform is to make real estate investment easy and accessible to everybody across the globe, regardless of credit history or geographical location.

Investors increasingly believe that the METRO token can surge by well over 10x following the end of the presale. In fact, judging by the current state of the economy, the Metropoly launch might be perfectly timed. With inflation and higher interest rates causing sentiment to diminish within the market, investors will look for opportunities to get involved with real estate without needing to take out a mortgage with high-interest rates.

Fortunately, Metropoly provides this method to get started in real estate without needing a bank, a mortgage, a credit check, or a large down payment.

If you’re considering buying METRO, here are three reasons it’s gaining so much traction.

1. Invest with just $100

Metropoly Platform Mobile

One of the main reasons investors expect Metropoly to explode once the NFT Marketplace is launched is because crypto guys can start investing in real estate with as little as $100. As a result, it opens the doors for many crypto investors to diversify their portfolios and start investing in real estate, which previously required them to submit large down payments to secure properties.

Investors can get started with as little as $100 because all of the properties in the Metropoly portfolio are fractionalized into little pieces. Then, these little pieces are tokenized into NFTs and sold individually on the Metropoly Marketplace.

Therefore, investors purchasing these NFTs are investing in fractions of properties while retaining their ownership and receiving all the same benefits they would if investing traditionally.

For example, all NFT holders have the option to take advantage of any capital gains on the property by putting their NFT up for sale on the Metropoly Marketplace. Metropoly takes it one step further by removing illiquidity from real estate. NFT holders can sell their NFTs directly to Metropoly for 70% of the market value or sell their NFTs on the marketplace to the highest bidder.

2. Passive Income


Another reason investors believe that METRO will explode by 10x is that Metropoly is one of the only projects that can offer a genuinely passive income. A passive income stream is at the top of every investor’s list and is often the number one goal for many entrepreneurs.

There are countless crypto projects that offer a passive income through DeFi tools such as yield farming, staking, and lending. However, the passive income generated from most of these projects usually dries up after a certain period of time. Fortunately, the passive income provided by Metropoly NFTs is generated from one of the most reliable sources of cash flow; rental income.

The Metropoly team takes care of all of the property maintenance and management. They also ensure there is a tenant at the property paying rent. Therefore, NFT investors just have to purchase the NFT to generate a passive income paid directly to their wallets in stablecoins.

3. Inflation Hedge

The final reason why investors believe that METRO has the potential to 10x is due to the timing of the project. The entire global economy is standing on shaky ground right now, with inflation climbing and interest rates rising.

Higher interest rates mean that fewer people will take out mortgages. As a result, there will be less investment into real estate during this time, which should cause real estate prices to drop.

Projects like Metropoly help to keep the passage open to investing in real estate. They provide an avenue that lets people invest in property without needing to take out a mortgage and pay a higher interest rate.

Furthermore, with inflation plaguing the economy, investing in real estate is well-known to be one of the best inflation hedges.

Overall, Metropoly is totally revolutionizing the real estate market by bringing it into the digital blockchain era. The platform is making real estate investment a reality for thousands of smaller investors who were previously locked out of the market due to the high fees and enormous down payments. As a result, investors increasingly believe that METRO can 10x.