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2022 has been an absolute nightmare for investors in the crypto space, many of whom have seen the value of their holdings decline significantly – crypto prices across the board have taken a beating.

Many more retail investors have managed to lose the entirety of their funds thanks to trusting centralised custodians like Celsius and FTX.

The Federal Reserve will find it difficult to keep raising rates

Recession fears abound, and the “animal spirits” of markets may be difficult for the Federal Reserve to battle against in their policy of continuously hiking interest rates.

Over the course of the last year, Chairman Powell has been consistent in his mission to raise interest rates in order to tame inflation and has signaled at various occasions that he is willing to accept some declines in the markets throughout such a period – as the cost of capital rises, so too do the stock markets.

SBF is now in prison

The FTX saga has now resulted in Sam Bankman-Fried being arrested and taken the US so that he is able to face court hearings.

This is a development that has largely been welcomed by the cryptocurrency industry, who were growing frustrated with lawmakers about SBF seemingly walking free for so long.

Now that he has been detained, it is hoped that the FTX bankruptcy process will now be conducted more quickly.

Concerns over Binance have been calmed

After the FTX debacle, there were many who were highlighting that there was a strong possibility that Binance could also be insolvent.

As such, there were some huge withdrawals from Binance over the course of the last week – Jump alone withdrew nine figures from the platform as concerns about the exchange’s solvency mounted.

As usual, Twitter played host to much of the concern that was flooding the markets, but Binance has thus far managed to process all withdrawals without an issue.

This is positive for Bitcoin and crypto prices

According to Jeff Booth, the Federal Reserve has little choice but to continue to print more currency in an attempt to quell concerns over the national debt.

Moreover, there is no way that interest rates could feasibly rise much higher given the cost that this would burden the US citizenry with.

More liquidity is also good for alt coins

This means that there is also to be far more liquidity in the alt coin space, given that quantitative easing and a pivot at the Federal Reserve will once more flood the industry with capital.

There are a range of alt coins that are poised to lift off when the time comes, and presales offer some of the most interesting opportunities in the market.

FGHT is pioneering “move to earn”

FightOut, with its native token FGHT, is pioneering the world of “move to earn”.

By allowing users of the platform to create their own avatars in the metaverse, people have the opportunity to build their reputation and statistics by exercising as much as possible.

Those who exercise the most will be able to boost their statistics faster and more effectively.

In exchange for this real-world exercise, those who use the platform are compensated in rewards denominated in the FGHT token.

The presale is currently underway on the FightOut website, where one can learn more about how blockchains can be used to better incentivise people to exercise.

D2T – the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto”

Dash 2 Trade is another project that has been taking the world by storm and has now managed to sell over $10m as a part of its presale, which will soon have reached its conclusion.

Rather than paying an extortionate monthly subscription of $2,500 per month, as with the traditional Bloomberg terminal, the Dash 2 Trade dashboard requires just 400 D2T/month for the starter tier, and 1,000 D2T/month for the professional tier, which has all the features that traders could need to navigate such entropic market conditions.

CCHG – crypto prices are falling but green investing is booming

C-Charge is a novel project that leverages its CCHG token in order to democratise the carbon credit industry and to make the entire process of charging one’s electric vehicle as seamless as possible.

The CCHG presale is being conducted in a series of stages, meaning that those who participate in the presale earlier on are able to acquire tokens far more cheaply than those who do so later.

Currently, the price of CCHG stands at just $0.013, but this will rise to $0.0165 at the next stage of the presale – a silver lining in a market where crypto prices are struggling so much.

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