Gala Games

Over the course of the last bull market, Gala Games made a name for themselves by producing a series of play to earn games in the Web3 space, and has gained a large amount of popularity.

GALA’s tokenomics are highly inflationary

Many games in the Web3 space have been criticised for their high degree of inflation and centralisation, and Gala Games is no exception.

Although the selling pressure of highly inflationary currencies can often be offset somewhat during bullish markets, it is extremely difficult for this to be the case during bear markets, when the price fails to catch a bid and the supply continues to increase.

Interest in Gala appears to have peaked

Since the hype of the bull market, Gala Games has struggled to attract new users to its platform, and the platform has struggled to attract new users in recent months.

In the Web3 world, where token price is extremely important for the health of a game, struggling to attract new players and struggling to maintain a token price that is stable is highly problematic for the health of the ecosystem.

GALA suffers a large exploit

The main reason why the price of GALA is unlikely to find it easy to recover is that they have been the victim of yet another hack.

Earlier today, it was discovered that someone had uncovered a smart contract bug which allowed them to mint approximately $1 billion worth of Gala’s pTokens.

The hacker was then able to dump all of these tokens into the Pancakeswap liquidity pool, which completely drained it and sent the price tumbling.

RIA addresses all of these concerns

By contrast, Calvaria is a brand new gaming ecosystem with far more room to grow, has tokenomics that aren’t extremely inflationary, and hasn’t suffered any exploits.

As a brand new play to earn gaming ecosystem, Calvaria is designed to capitalise on the growth of gaming in the Web3 space.

The team have taken an innovative approach to ensure that they are able to onboard users who aren’t familiar with the crypto world, in order to bridge the divide between Web2 and Web3 gaming – users don’t need a crypto wallet to start playing, and they are guided through each step of setting one up if they choose to do so.

The RIA token is the lifeblood of the ecosystem, and can be used to wager against other players, in addition to being a reward for participation in the game.

Moreover, the RIA token is to be used as a governance token for shaping the future of the Calvaria DAO: token holders will have a significant influence over the direction that the project takes in the future, meaning that the development can function with a “hive mind”.

The presale for Calvaria is currently live on their website, and is being conducted in a series of stages. Those who participate earlier will be able to capitalise on the price rises before the token even launches.

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