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Despite being one of the best performing assets throughout the previous bull market, the price of AXIE has fallen significantly in the bear, and has been amongst the worst performers in the entire space. Nevertheless, the Calvaria presale may provide investors with a chance to once more make outsized gains on their investments.

The entire play to earn gaming industry has taken a nosedive, particularly the more established projects such as Axie Infinity and the Sandbox.

There are many reasons for this, not least of which that Axie’s tokenomics were highly inflationary (something that is extremely problematic during a bear market as demand dries up), but also the fact that the proliferation of new games in the ecosystem has fractured the demand between a variety of different projects.

Speculators who are looking for higher ROIs will be looking to other projects, such as the brand new play to earn phenomenon Calvaria: Duels of Eternity.

Here are three reasons why speculators may be more inclined to choose to invest in Calvaria, rather than revert to previous hegemons of the space like Axie Infinity.

Calvaria is designed to onboard crypto natives and newbies alike

One of the main advantages that Calvaria has over the competition is that the entire project is tailored for those who aren’t so familiar with crypto.

Those who are new to the space will be guided through their crypto journey with a user interface and user experience that makes it far easier for people to participate in the benefits of the gaming ecosystem.

One of the ways that Calvaria is making the game so accessible to the masses is by not only creating a desktop version of the game, but also expanding to iOS and Android mobile applications.

Anyone can play Calvaria – no wallet is required

One of the main issues that Web3 games have had when it comes to mass adoption is bridging the gap to the world of Web2 gaming.

The many more prerequisites that are required in order for people to be able to play Web3 games means that the fun of playing the game is often reduced, and people end up playing games solely for the rewards that they can accrue – Calvaria fixes this by creating a style of PVP gameplay that is fun for anyone to play.

Currently, there are two mini games that one can play in the Calvaria Telegram group, and those who top the leaderboard may be in line for some $RIA rewards when the project launches.

The Calvaria presale has now begun

Brand new projects tend to have more potential for far higher returns of investment, since there is far more room to grow.

Whereas Axie Infinity has already grown hundreds of multiples to become a billion dollar project, newer projects still have far more scope to grow.

Those who want to get involved with Calvaria now ought to head to the Calvaria website, where they can participate in the project at its early stages.

The presale is being conducted in stages, which means that those who participate now will be able to acquire tokens far more cheaply than those who participate later on. Currently, the price stands at $0.015/$RIA, but this will increase to $0.02 when the presale reaches its next stage.

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