Trading is tough.

According to, between 70-90% of traders lose money.

A lack of knowledge and education is one of the biggest reasons traders lose money, with many drawn (or tricked) into trading because they think it’s an easy way to make a quick buck.

But even traders who have a good understanding of the fundamental and technical dynamics that drive markets have a tough time.

Trading takes an emotional strain that not everyone is cut out for.

Meanwhile, traders always start out at a slight disadvantage (on paper, at least) due to trading fees, spreads and slippage, a bit like how a punter at a Casino is at a disadvantage to the house.

As a result, traders must arm themselves with every possible advantage.

And great trading tools are a great way to get an edge in trading. Here are some of the best crypto trading tools in the game.

TradingView – The Best Charting Tool in the Business

It goes without saying.

No one makes charts as clear, versatile and useful as TradingView.

They are simply the best in the business when it comes to charting.

And TradingView’s features go well beyond just its best-in-class charts.

The website has you covered for brokers and actual trading, news, an economic calendar, a large community of users sharing trading and educational ideas, streams and much more.

Many of the products and features are free, but to get the most out of the platform a user can upgrade to a paid plan. – Presale Just Launched

Upstart crypto project (LPX) is building a revolutionary, all-encompassing web3 platform that, according to the project’s Whitepaper, aims to make the highly “fractured and intimidating” web3 space more easily accessible.

Crypto investors and traders are particularly excited about the platform, given its claim to offer the tools necessary to find the next 100x Web3 asset.

To kick-start the development of its platform, Launchpad is running a presale of its $LPX token and, as noted, the project has already raised a whopping near $150,000.

Over the course of 10 presale stages, Launchpad is selling 250 million of a total supply of 1 billion LPX tokens.

The presale price is currently $0.035, but this will rise 100% by the end of the presale to $0.07, which is the price $LPX will then debut across exchanges in Q3.

The presale has a hard cap of $12.5 million and, given that $280,000 has already been raised in just over a week, that total could be hit quickly.

Investors should move in quickly to secure tokens whilst they are still going cheap.

According to Launchpad’s Whitepaper, the project will begin launching some of the main features of its platform in Q3 2023, including the Launchpad Feed, Token and NFT Directory, Metaverse Library and Gaming Hub.

If the platform experiences substantial user adoption, as many observers think it will, this could create significant demand for the platform’s native $LPX token.

Popular crypto presale analyst Jacob Bury Crypto thinks that Launchpad has 10x potential.

yPredict – Presale in Stage 4

Predicting price movements in the cryptocurrency market is difficult, even with years of experience in understanding macro, crypto fundamentals and technical analysis.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which has been making significant strides in recent months, can offer a helping hand.

AI models can analyze huge amounts of price data to identify trends that would have gone unnoticed by the human eye.

Good models can hand traders a valuable market edge.

It is thus hardly surprising that new crypto start-up yPredict, which is building a revolutionary new AI-powered trading signals platform, has been generating massive hype in the crypto space.

Using state-of-art predictive models and data insights built by top 1% AI developers and quants, yPredict’s in-development platform plans to hand market participants an “unbeatable edge”.

The platform will offer users, AI trading signals, real-time social and news sentiment analysis, AI technical analysis and AI-powered chart pattern recognition.

To fund the development of its exciting platform, yPredict is conducting an already hugely popular presale of the YPRED crypto token that will be used to power its platform.

The presale, already in stage four, has raised a massive $760,000 in just a few weeks.

Interest investors should move quickly to secure tokens while they are still cheap at just $0.05 each.

When the presale enters its next stage, that price will go up 28.5% to $0.07, with the YPRED token set to list across major crypto exchanges later this year at $0.12.

That means investors who get in now will be sat on paper gains of around 140% when YPRED ICOs.

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