Statistics show that nearly three out of four employers have experienced a bad hire. A poor choice could eventually cost these employers up to $15,000, which is why they need a transparent and unbiased evaluation system that they can rely on in the interview stage. Such a system could also help them save information on candidates who might be right for future positions. 

Fortunately, there is a perfect product that can help you with all this, and it is called recruitment CRM software. This software features several tools that can facilitate the entire hiring process — for instance, it can help you find suitable candidates, assess potential employees, streamline the workflow, and generate reports. 

A wide variety of such platforms is available on the market. You will be able to find both free and paid versions. Naturally, not all of them will fit your business model or offer the same level of quality. You may be concerned about selecting the right one for your company — but worry not, because we’ve got your back. 

This piece will review the top 10 CRM software for recruitment companies for 2022. Stay tuned as we discuss their pricing, features, and user-friendliness.

Best Recruitment CRM Software: Top 10

A good recruitment CRM platform can attract and identify potential candidates, evaluate them, and equip employers with tracking systems and metrics, thus saving them both time and money. 

Based on these factors, we’ve selected the best CRM recruitment software on the market in 2022:

  1. Bullhorn — Best recruitment platform for agencies of any size
  2. Greenhouse — Best recruitment software CRM for onboarding
  3. Zoho Recruit — Best tool for internal HR teams and large recruiting and staffing agencies
  4. BambooHR — Best recruitment CRM software for small businesses
  5. Recruiterflow — Best platform for small recruiting agencies
  6. Workable — Best overall recruitment agency CRM software at scale
  7. JazzHR — Best platform for small and medium-sized organizations
  8. iSmartRecruit — Best CRM recruitment software for staffing and applicant tracking
  9. Breezy HR — Best CRM recruitment software for pipeline management and unlimited job listings

Best Recruitment Software Compared

After carefully reviewing multiple recruitment CRM tools on the market, we have shortlisted the top ten that satisfy our criteria. So, stay with us in this recruitment CRM software comparison while we examine the distinctive features of each and compare their prices. 

1. Bullhorn — Best Recruitment Platform for Agencies of Any Size

Bullhorn is an applicant tracking system and customer relationship management tool that handles the entire recruitment process online. It helps recruiters stay organized and increase the number of open positions they post. This vendor proudly lists more than 10,000 companies using its services. 

Bullhorn is best recruitment platform for agencies of any size

Key features:

  • Customer relationship management — With a mobile CRM built specifically for staffing, businesses can bridge the gap between sales and recruitment and gain a better understanding of their clients’ changing business needs. 
  • Detailed dashboard with reports and analytics — Bullhorn’s reporting dashboard provides standard reports that track individual and team recruiter performance, placement activity, and sourcing results. You can also create custom reports based on your specific requirements.
  • Applicant tracking system — With the ATS feature, all emails relevant to a particular candidate are automatically tracked and added to the record. The system also handles interviews and job boards and matches candidates across the system.
  • Pulse Relationship Intelligence — This feature allows recruiters and clients to communicate transparently. Pulse synchronizes email and phone calls to store these conversations in the system.  


  • Seamless integration with other products
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient reminder system
  • Applicant and client tracking
  • Resume sourcing
  • Communication available across the organization
  • Client data and history storage


  • Live chat not available at all times
  • Unresponsive customer service

Pricing: On request

2. Greenhouse — Best Recruitment Software CRM for Onboarding

As a cloud-based and mobile app, Greenhouse provides a structured hiring process that helps small and mid-sized companies and enterprises systematically recruit and hire top candidates. It is designed to meet the needs of recruiters, hiring teams, and other stakeholders in the recruitment and onboarding processes. 

Greenhouse is the best recruitment software CRM for onboarding

Key features:

  • Customizable recruitment process  — Users have the option of customizing their entire CRM software recruitment process with more than 360 integrations. Among these features, you will find customized workflows, profile tracking, and more.
  • Outstanding onboarding features — Once you hire a candidate, Greenhouse helps you create a memorable onboarding experience by allowing your new recruits to get to know their colleagues, managers, and other key players. Onboarding can be structured, and you can even get feedback from new hires about how the process can be improved.
  • Simplified inclusive hiring — Greenhouse’s tools help you facilitate inclusive hiring, which ensures your organization has the best candidates, regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious, or other background.
  • Multiple third-party integrations — Users have more than 360 recruitment, productivity, and sourcing apps that they can integrate into the platform.
  • Useful mobile app — Greenhouse has a mobile app available for iOS and Android users, regardless of their subscription plan. 


  • Integration with over 300 third-party applications
  • Resume storing
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Candidate interview progress tracking
  • Workflow customizable for each job
  • Easy connection with automation tools


  • Feature for creating questionnaires for interviews not available
  • Inability to handle multiple candidates at once


  • Essential — On request
  • Advanced — On request 
  • Expert — On request

3. Zoho Recruit — Best Tool for Internal HR Teams and Large Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

Aside from providing candidate management, Zoho Recruit also offers an excellent ATS that comes at an affordable price. This all-in-one software addresses every phase of recruitment. It offers intuitiveness, seamless integrations, multichannel communications, and advanced analytics, all of which makes it one of the best recruiting solutions available.

Zoho Recruit is the best tool for internal HR teams and large recruiting and staffing agencies

Key features:

  • Talent sourcing — Zoho Recruit is connected to 300+ job boards, such as Indeed and Monster. Millions of job seekers can find your job postings through Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Resume management — The platform allows you to update, maintain, and extract resumes from multiple sources. Your resumes will all be uniform so that your clients will recognize your brand once they receive them.
  • Assessing candidates You can build customized questionnaires and analyze recruitment data. Zoho Recruit allows you to view and assess data from every stage in the pipeline to make better decisions.
  • Recruitment automation — You can speed up the recruitment process by setting notifications and automatic replies. Thus, you’ll avoid time-consuming tasks.
  • Recruiting AI — With powerful AI features like behavioral assessments and talent identification, Zoho Recruit can help you find suitable candidates for your company. 


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Integrations with other Zoho products
  • Exceptional applicant tracking
  • Well-organized database and workflow management 
  • Ability to push job postings to various sites
  • Customizable candidate forms
  • Outstanding email automation


  • Limited selection of available languages
  • Mobile app prone to crashes


  • Forever free — $0
  • Standard — $25 per user per month
  • Professional — $50 per user per month
  • Enterprise — $75 per user per month

4. BambooHR — Best Recruitment CRM Software for Small Businesses

BambooHR is among the most popular recruitment tools that target SMBs. Although this platform is perfect for businesses with the number of employees ranging from 5 to 1,000, it has users outside this range, too. This is a great tool, as it provides employers with detailed insights into their employees’ salaries, benefits, training, and job history. In addition, the platform also features eSignature, an applicant tracking system, employee and manager self-service, and more. 

BambooHR is perfect for small businesses

Key features:

  • Centralized employee database — Instead of keeping all data on spreadsheets, you will be able to store them in an interactive database that can be integrated with other programs. All the work is done for you since the database is updated with every information change. 
  • Employee self-service — This platform enables employees to have on-demand access to their profiles and PTO, request time-off, track their training, and more. They just need an internet connection. 
  • HR reporting — Most employees expect this kind of software to generate reports on different matters, such as absences, employees’ PTO habits, or new hires’ schedules. Luckily, BambooHR does precisely that, thus saving a lot of time. As a result, employers can get the most out of their data. Additionally, it offers templates and the ability to customize reports, which makes the entire process much easier. 
  • Automated time-off — With the software calculating your PTO, you will eliminate the possibility of human error. The system automatically records whenever someone takes paid leave, thus leaving no room for error.
  • Applicant management — The system allows you to keep and organize all the potential hires’ data in one place. You can also manage job postings and openings and the entire onboarding process. 


  • Visually appealing and user-friendly interface
  • Applicant tracking
  • Leaves of absence facilitated
  • Integration with other products
  • Directory of team members
  • Onboarding task management 


  • Limited reporting for the ATS 
  • No link to Google calendar

Pricing: On request

5. Recruiterflow — Best platform for small recruiting agencies

Recruiterflow is one of the top-rated recruitment apps and applicant tracking systems on the market.  This platform boasts extensive automation features, excellent customer support, and a shallow learning curve. 

Recruiterflow is perfect for small recruiting agencies

Key features:

  • Pipeline management — Recruiterflow platform enables your potential employee to see which stage of recruitment you are currently in.  Aside from storing all the previous communication with the candidate, this platform can arrange interviews at the time that works for both parties. 
  • Simple interface — By using a single interface, this software allows you to handle all hiring processes — from sourcing to final hiring — without any hassle. Its easy navigation makes the hiring process more efficient. 
  • Automation — You can send automated emails and messages with this tool. The emails can be configured so that the FAQs asked by candidates are replied to immediately. As a result, they will know where they stand in the hiring process.
  • Easy sourcingRecruiterflow also allows you to upload your job openings to various job boards from which candidates are redirected to your dashboard. 
  • Accurate reports — This software can create reports on where your best candidates come from, how fast you can hire, and which interview mode works best. 


  • Highly-responsive customer service
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Zapier integrations
  • Campaign management
  • Automation tools
  • Strong reporting and analytics


  • No mobile app 
  • Limited integrations


For recruiting agencies:

  • Growth — $75 per user per month
  • Enterprise — $99 per user per month 

For companies:

  • Growth — $99 per month
  • Scale — $149 per month
  • Enterprise — $249 per month

6. Workable — Best Overall Recruitment Agency CRM Software at Scale

Workable is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that helps recruiters during the entire hiring process. It has a gentle learning curve and is suitable for all HR professionals. 

Workable is the best overall recruitment agency CRM software at scale

Key features:

  • Talent CRM — Workable enables you to create and manage a talent pool that will allow you to track and nurture relationships with potential hires. For instance, you can search and add candidates from an enormous database of profiles, snooze communication with currently unavailable candidates, and more.  
  • Team collaboration — Users can modify access rights by adjusting account settings for different groups. For instance, the information about potential hires can be confidential and available only to senior team members, members of the hiring team, and external recruiters.
  • SEO-optimized job descriptions — Workable is one of the few human resource management tools that allow users to optimize the content of their job descriptions for search engines. By using this feature, businesses can reach more candidates without obstacles. 
  • Mobile recruiting and collaboration — Through Android and iOS applications, Workable enables employers to hire talent at any time. Mobile apps help users evaluate candidates, schedule interviews, and screen their resumes.
  • Various integrations — Businesses can connect this software to over 40 systems, thus developing a hiring toolkit that includes access to all the key hiring systems.


  • Posting across multiple job boards
  • Straightforward collaboration with the hiring team
  • Templates provided for every step
  • User-centered features
  • Centralized resumes and interview information
  • Excellent customer support 


  • No identification of duplicate candidates
  • Job archive not easily searchable


  • Playgo — $129 per month
  • Standard — $279 per month (1–20 employees)
  • Premier — $659

7. JazzHR —  Best Platform for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

This comprehensive recruiting software and ATS facilitates the hiring process through collaboration tools, customized workflows, and communication channels. 

JazzHR is the best platform for small and medium-sized organizations

Key features:

  • No user limit — JazzHR makes it easy for recruiting teams to collaborate on a particular candidate by eliminating user limits.
  • Multiple integrations available – This software integrates with hundreds of apps, allowing users to quickly share and track their information.
  • Easy to use — Recruiting teams can learn software basics quickly. Mind you, though — JazzHR’s advanced features may require a bit of practice, but they aren’t too complex.
  • Confidential candidate discussions — Any information on a candidate page stays confidential, as it is only seen by the recruiting team, not by the candidate.
  • Reusable customized workflows — JazzHR saves a recruiting team’s workflow process for a particular job type. This info can later be used for a similar job. 


  • Integrations with other HR systems
  • Job and applicant tracking
  • Convenient system
  • Automated features
  • HRs able to manage the entire recruiting process
  • Amazing technical support
  • E-signature feature


  • Better integration of job boards with the platform
  • No templates for interview questions


  • Hero — $39 per user per month
  • Plus — $239 per user per month
  • Pro — $359 per user per month

8. iSmartRecruit — Best CRM Recruitment Software for Staffing and Applicant Tracking

This comprehensive HR software offers a set of advanced tools for applicant tracking, employee management, recruitment, and marketing. It is ideal for businesses focused on managing their HR processes in a completely digital manner. All iSmartRecruit tools and features are scalable, so companies of all sizes can reap the benefits.

iSmartRecruit is great for staffing and applicant tracking

Key features:

  • Scalability — This solution is highly scalable. It offers a wide range of tools and features for businesses of all sizes. iSmart Recruit is available via the cloud and on-premise, thus allowing users to choose where their data is hosted.
  • Streamlined workflow — With iSmart Recruit, users can automate almost all tasks for a seamless workflow. Plus, all actions can be paperless, and the entire ATS can be automated. Highly automated workflows allow users to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Ease of use — Highly visual iSmart Recruit dashboard facilitates HR tasks and workflows. Its clear design helps you find any data on a candidate in a few clicks. Even those who are not tech-savvy find it easy to navigate due to its user-friendly interface. 
  • Advanced marketing — With its embedded advanced AI-powered marketing tools, this platform ensures your job posts reach the right people.


  • Easy and quick access to clients and job candidates
  • Amazing support staff
  • Ability to import candidates from LinkedIn
  • User- and visual-friendly interface
  • Customizable reports
  • Easy applicant tracking


  • Occasional loading issues
  • On a pricier side


  • Professional — $49 per month per user 
  • Enterprise — on request

9. Breezy HR — Best CRM Recruitment Software for Pipeline Management and Unlimited Job Listings

Breezy HR is an ATS software designed to aid you in every step of the hiring process. By automating the manual tasks, this award-winning platform helps you present your organization in the best light and focus on managing the candidate experience. The company serves over 3,000 businesses worldwide, and it has become the market leader because of its excellent usability and wide range of features. 

Breezy HR is excellent for pipeline management and unlimited job listings

Key features:

  • Creating job ads — Breezy HR offers a range of customizable templates that aid you in creating a job ad. You can see the preview of the layout, add customized questions for different positions, and more. 
  • Pipeline management — Since it is of the utmost importance to know where each candidate is in the pipeline, Breezy HR allows you to automate every stage of the recruitment process. Additionally, you can create different pipelines for different job positions. 
  • Candidate scorecard — By creating a scorecard, you can evaluate and check whether your candidates meet the criteria for a specific position. You can create as many as you want, save them, and use them later as a template. This is an unbiased and data-based approach to candidate evaluation. 
  • Job advertising — Once your job ad and application are ready, you have to find an appropriate channel to advertise the position. Breezy HR can post ads on various job boards (such as Google for Jobs) for free. On the other hand, you can invest your money to ensure you get exposure on sites like Linkedin. 
  • Team collaboration — This platform features a great messaging system that allows you to share essential talent data with your team. Communication is centralized, meaning that you can talk about a potential employee within their profile. 


  • Smooth and customizable workflow
  • Integration abilities
  • Excellent automation tools
  • Great pipeline management
  • Auto resume parsing and importing
  • Convenient drag-and-drop functionality


  • No customizable reports
  • On a pricier side


  • Bootstrap — free
  • Startup — $143 per user per month
  • Growth — $249 per user per month
  • Business — $399 per user per month

What Does a Recruitment CRM Software Do?

Unlike an applicant tracking system (ATS) that starts working only when potential employees begin applying for a particular job position, a CRM goes one step further. It starts working way before applications start flying through the door. By utilizing various marketing strategies, it raises awareness about your business and keeps the top candidates engaged. This ability to attract top talent is invaluable to your business.

You might be wondering what industries would benefit most from such a tool. To be honest, there isn’t one that couldn’t. Whether you are in the customer service, retail, or market research industry, you will probably agree that any company is only as good as its employees. In fact, 94% of HR professionals across various industries have said that using recruitment CRMs has helped them hire suitable candidates.

A tool like this can help recruiters and hiring managers create and classify their candidate pools, send fully personalized messages or emails to each potential hire, nurture and grow talent relationships, and even send automated invites to various events associated with their companies. 

But that’s not all. Aside from helping you grow your brand and secure an impeccable reputation, a tool like this significantly lowers the hire time and increases the quality of those hires. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Recruitment CRM Software?

As we have already explained, recruitment CRM software can offer multiple benefits to your organization. Let’s dig deeper into each of them. 

Attract Top Candidates

Companies work hard to attract candidates and make sure job ads are posted where potential hires can see them. A CRM recruitment platform can aid you in attracting quality candidates.

This means that your organization needs to be visible on career sites and other job-seeker platforms that are SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized. Such a site can drive potential hires toward you. At the same time, a recruitment CRM can manage your recruitment marketing budget for you, only spending resources on job board feeds and social media that deliver results.

Keep Potential Employees Engaged

This powerful tool can keep applicants engaged from the moment they apply for a certain position. Companies usually need around ten days to review all applications, but CRM recruitment software can cut down this time to three days. Therefore, the job opening will fill much quicker, which will enhance the productivity and profitability of your business. 

Furthermore, this platform allows you to engage with potential candidates during the entire hiring process and keep communication alive once this process is over. 

Establish Relationships With Future Hires

Naturally, you’d want to stay in touch with quality candidates who were not hired for some reason. With a recruitment CRM platform, you’ll be able to build a network of candidates and keep them in the loop for future job openings. For instance, if the same job role opens again in a few months, you can easily access their credentials in the recruitment CRM storage and re-engage. Maintaining such a network can also strengthen your reputation among potential candidates. 

Learn How to Interpret Your Own Data

To effectively reach your desired audience, you need to know which strategies are worth pursuing and which ones need to be approached from a different angle. A tool such as CRM recruitment software can aid you in measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns regardless of the platform. It can even provide insights into data from your previous campaigns.

Create a Credible Business

In today’s world, reputation is everything. Trusting the brand and those who represent it is essential. However, this kind of reputation cannot be built overnight — and this is where recruitment CRM software comes into play. 

For instance, it can help you automate specific processes, such as sending personalized messages to each potential hire. Prospective employees will appreciate it if a company includes a personal touch when reaching out to them.

Analyze the Effectiveness of Your Hiring Efforts

Aside from boosting your hiring process, CRM recruitment software provides full transparency on what’s working and what’s not. Various metrics this tool offers can help you improve the recruitment. In addition, you can measure the time it takes for your team to complete the entire hiring process or determine which channels are bringing you qualified candidates. 

Conclusion — What Is the Best Recruitment CRM Software?

Considering all the features and benefits it provides, Manatal takes the top position on our list. Aside from being a budget-friendly applicant tracking system, it also allows you to customize the career page, advertise your openings on multiple job boards, and receive applications from potential candidates — and that is precisely what you need from a tool like this. 

Each organization has a distinctive business model, which dictates its requirements and needs. Therefore, we have supplied you with nine more similar platforms. We recommend that you go through their reviews, decide which ones fit your budget, use their trial periods, and then choose the one that works best for your business.


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