adversityOne attribute of several that has made myself and many other professional sales people highly successful, is empathy. The ability to understand and care about someone else’s plight in life.

Life is filled with adversity; job loss, illness, the daily battle of just getting what you want.

Every now and again a big wave of adversity will approach and engulf you and every part of your being as to erase all sense of what you though of as normal a life.

As of now, mine is called brain cancer, and this has been one of the largest challenges I have ever faced, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Now, there are hundreds of blog, books, and articles written everyday on this topic. So by no means do I feel have any answers, much less the right ones.

As I journeyed along, I have found that connecting with others who are on a similar journey can be quite powerful.

Seeking out those that allow one to share builds a bond that is impenetrable to even the worst adversity.

The shared experience I have with the dozens and dozens of dedicated professionals that I interact with daily allows me to understand their plight in life.I try to be the easiest, humblest patient I can be.

Afterall, they want an easy day so they can get home to their families too.

So whether if you are trying to grow your business, network or any other important part of your life, rest assured, adversity will rear its ugly head. When it does, seek out those with the shared experience.

How? The internet, social media, pick up the phone and just call a friend.

Now as a career sales professional, some of my best, & loyal customers have been those where we have shared experiences. Especially when looking for new business, sharing a meal, going to an event together can often make this a much easier task.

Our humanity dictates our DNA to seek out others that have shared experiences. Don’t fight it.

One other factor in defeating adversity via the shared experience, it has made me a better, listener, dad, husband, business owner, and better human being.