In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, you need to update your digital marketing strategy.

In this article, I’ll share a response plan that will not only get you through these tough times, but also prepare you for the future.

  1. Update Your Communication Plan

First things first: get your communication plan up to speed.

Please note that by “communication plan,” I’m not just talking about how you communicate with customers. I’m also referring to how you communicate with employees, stakeholders, and people in your target market who might not be customers yet.

Start by letting folks know how you’re helping others in the current situation.

Of course, before you can tell anyone about that, you have to first actually help people affected by the pandemic. What are you doing to make a positive impact during the pandemic?

Are you lowering prices so that people who are struggling financially can still buy your products or services? Are you giving folks an extended “grace period” to make payments?

Or are you changing operations to make a difference? Some manufacturing companies have retooled resources so they can produce masks.

  1. Look at a Digital Refresh

It’s time to refresh your website content to fit the current situation.

First, refresh your website copy. This is where you put into practice the communications strategy you developed from the previous point.

You may need to make an update to every page on your website. Sometimes, that’s just as easy as updating the header, footer, or sidebar.

Refresh your ads as well. Change copy to make your brand more attractive during these days of social distancing.

Likewise, update your email marketing strategy. Show the human side of your business by letting people know that you’re thinking about them during the difficult times.

Remember: everything needs to change to reflect your new communications strategy.

  1. Create a Web Page That Explains How You’re Dealing With COVID-19

In addition to updating all your web pages, you should create a new web page that explains how you’re dealing with the outbreak.

Then, link to that page from every page on your website.

Use that web page as a COVID-19 FAQ. Answer questions that people might ask:

  • Are you still open?
  • If you’re not open, when will you reopen?
  • Are your employees still available?

Let existing customers know what’s going on and they’ll thank you with continued business when this is all over.

  1. Create a Media Response Plan

You’re almost certainly going to get media queries. When you do, make sure you have your talking points in order.

Anticipate the questions that you think reporters will ask. Then, brainstorm up the best answers to those questions.

This is a great time to think about how you can maintain a solid reputation for good business during a challenging economy. Your friends in the journalism industry can help with that if you’ve got the right answers to their questions.

  1. Develop a Plan For When The Pandemic Is Behind Us

One day, this is all going to be over. Are you ready for that day?

You might be surprised at how many entrepreneurs aren’t ready. They’re just living in the moment, adapting to difficult circumstances. They have no long-term vision.

Don’t follow their lead. Instead prepare for a slow, steady return to normalcy.

In fact, if you follow the current media reports, we’re already seeing positive signs. Perhaps we’re flattening the curve after all.

So what’s your plan for when this ends?

Moreover, though, what’s your plan during the transitional period as we escape social distancing and gradually return to an economy that’s moving forward on all cylinders?

Be ready for every phase of the recovery and you’ll do better than your competitors.

  1. Be Good to Everybody

Don’t forget about karma. This is a time when we see the best side of humanity.

As you’re weathering this storm, take some time to forget about your business and just focus on being a great citizen.

Help others where you see a need. Donate to a charity. Give to the less fortunate.

Those are the kinds of actions that make you successful as a human being.

That success will follow you in business as well.