Is your company doing all it can do to prevent a data breach? It has unfortunately become common place for major businesses to have their data compromised – leaving hundreds, sometimes thousands of people unsure if they are going to lose their life savings or personal information. Situations like this can kill the trust factor for your company, and could lead consumers directly towards your competitor’s. Rather than handling the disasterous potential for a PR Crisis, I have identified Four Tactics you can employ today to avoid a data breach.

Preemptive Strategies for Companies to Prevent a Data Breach


The simplest way to avoid data being compromised is to use the best possible security technology available. Having multiple passwords and several different security systems in place will help to alleviate the chance of information being compromised. Choosing to update information on a regular basis is also a smart idea to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Having multiple firewalls and backup systems is also essential to protecting customer data from the individuals trying to steal it. Sometimes, it is necessary to be vigilant about security in order to show customers the proper amount of respect for their personal information.


Staff passwords should be changed every time an individual leaves the company. The more often the passwords are changed the less likely it is that information will get to the public. Disgruntled former employees can often create problems. There should be a network password as well as an employee identification password. This extra safeguard will prevent a lot of hassles. Security clearance should be offered only to individuals who have proven their ability to handle sensitive information responsibly. All new employees should be encouraged to sign confidentiality agreements to protect customer information.


Encryption technology is the easiest way to prevent sensitive information from reaching the public’s eyes. This type of computer program will make it virtually impossible for hacking attempts to be successful. Furthermore, even employees will not have access to sensitive information. The internal breaches that can often cause a great deal of hardship for companies can be reduced with the use of this type of technology. The technology does need to be updated on a regular basis so that any weaknesses in the software itself can be detected and handled appropriately.


Even the most secure organizations sometimes have to handle data being compromised. The most important thing is to remember to make a customer security the first priority. Setting up a special phone line to answer all customer questions is an act of goodwill. Sending out emails and traditional mail notifications is a necessary part of protecting customer interest. Having all customers change their passwords and other sensitive information is also advisable. Providing customers with information about how to protect themselves against fraud, and having a fraud protection division to handle any questions is a great way to inspire customer loyalty.

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