Four Basic Steps to Create High-Value Content That Yield Results

Will Write for Food or Buyer PersonasContent marketing is everywhere and it’s taking the lead as the most preferred choice for marketers. With that said, it’s now obvious that the volume of content competing for the attention of the same set of consumers is on the high side. And the most successful content marketers are those who are able to create high-value content.

High-value content is a type of content that is able to stand out, yields results and is at the same time consumer-oriented. To put it short, rather than sell to the consumer, high-value content marketing aims to educate the consumer.

The result is that through this effort, the marketer is able to win the trust of the consumer, place himself at the heart of choice and ultimately earn his consumer’s business.

Four Steps to Start Your Content Marketing Plan

This article will explore the top ways to create high-value contents that yield results for your marketing purpose.

#1. Understand Who Your Consumer Is and Focus on His Needs

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One major reason CMOs fail to see results with content marketing is the blindness towards a solid understanding of who the content addresses. This is where the true content marketers are separated from the rest of the pack.

For you to be able to create high-value content, it is highly essential that you first try to understand who your content aims to address, why they need it and how your content is going to educate them.

Without a vivid understanding of your consumer, you will only end up creating generalized content that touches no one. Needless to say, this type of content would yield poor results.

Understanding your consumer will give you insights into his/her pain areas and help you make an informed decision on how to solve his/her problems with your content. By meeting the needs of your consumer at this point, you will easily earn his/her trust.

The value in content marketing lies in what it does for who it addresses.

#2. Aim to Share, Not Broadcast

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Traditional marketing aims to broadcast and disrupt. The old formula of marketing focuses on reach, rather than impact. As a result, the consumer finds little to no value in this form of marketing. Hence, consumers are quick to revolt against the traditional form of marketing.

The new form of marketing, content marketing, on the other hand aims to share. The high-value content is able to break through the barrier of neglect by offering to share instead of interrupt.
With this view, to create high-value content, focus on sharing instead of trying to reach a very high volume of consumers. Target the very few that are highly interested in your offering and share your knowledge and experience with them.

The value of the content you create will be discovered in what that content shares with the consumer.

#3. Avoid Haphazard Efforts

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We all understand that the drive to deliver your content across is so high. After all, this is what motivates successful content marketers. But you need to cool that burning spirit of haste down and focus on delivering high-value content that is marked with quality.

Creating content in haste causes you to omit several important details that can increase the value in what you’re about to share.

While I’m stressing paying attention to detail while taking time and effort to deliver the best content, it is however very important to note that content also works with time. This means that being able to deliver high quality and value packed content in a timely fashion will increase the chances of meeting your objectives.

#4. Gather Feedback and Improve Your Content

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Gathering feedback and striving to improve your content should be at the heart of every content marketing decision you make. You will detect how your content adds value to your consumers based on the feedback you get from them.

Content marketers use popular survey tools like Qualaroo and Survey Monkey to gain feedback on their contents from their consumers. Your interests might be to find out more of what your consumers want your contents to address or which channels your consumers are more inclined to find your content.

Use the feedback generated to inform what you can improve on your content marketing efforts.


Content is the backbone of today’s marketing fashion and only the best content, which in turn creates high-valued content, will survive in the race to win consumers over. How do you plan to use content to yield results for your business? Tell us in the comments below!

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