The widespread availability and adoption of technology is much easier nowadays. Specifically, the webinar or the web conferencing market will continue to grow while simultaneously offering the ability for companies to maximize communications anywhere across the globe.

According to Webopedia, webinar is a web-based seminar, a presentation, lecture or workshop transmitted over the web using software. This effective communication tool offers benefits to businesses or organizations like face-to-face communications, multiple participants in a web conference, reduced costs associated with travel, and more.

The webinar market is expected to grow and will be valued at $7.85 billion by 2023 growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5 percent from 2015 to 2023, confirmed by an analysis.

In the subsequent sections will examine two webinar providers over several categories to determine which platform leverages the best advantages. A comparison between ClickMeeting and GoToWebinar.


Thanks to the advances made by webinar technology communication has become that much easier. The enhancements integrated into today´s video conferencing software have made organizing web meetings, time and travel expense affordable to most businesses. When shopping remember three core aspects: simplicity, affordability and functionality.


ClickMeeting was founded in 2010 and known as an online conferencing platform that offers clients a great way to connect. In addition, the technology allows for up to 1000 people to come together. The key features for ClickMeeting’s technology includes online meetings, online presentations, teleconferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard presentations, and video viewing.

Screenshot features ClickMeeting


GoToWebinar, released in 2006 and a self-service tool, can be carried out as a do it yourself (DIY) webinars. It is compatible with PCs and Macs with the ability to invite up to 1,000 people. There is a limited use of key features with no customization of landing pages or additional options of typography or background.

Screenshot features GoToWebinar

Point For Features Goes To: ClickMeeting

When it comes to key features ClickMeeting offers more options and key features. It is why in this instance we grant the advantage to ClickMeeting because of the number of features it offers to clients.


Getting the word out about products or services webinars are an excellent resource to utilize. When looking for a webinar service provider make sure they has all of the integrations like analytics, capturing audience info, maximizing conversions, etc.


The ClickMeeting platform enables users to custom and brand webinars to better target messages that fits your brand´s efforts. Marketing integrations include providers like GetResponse and Salesforce. Furthermore, you can go a step further and share documents, screen, and presentations. Chats can be moderated with the addition of a Q & A session. Truly you can generate quite a buzz with webinars by providing solutions for customers.

Screenshot Marketing ClickMeeting


The GoToWebinar technology on the other hand comes with plenty of marketing options. The integrations include with third providers like HubSpot, HubSpot CRM, Marketo, Webmecanik, Leadpages, PlusThis, etc. Special features include form-based, full service registration, practice sessions for yourself, co-hosts, various audio options, real-time screen sharing, high definition (HD) videoconferencing and more.

Screenshot marketing GoToWebinar

Point for Marketing Goes To: GoToWebinar

ClickMeeting and GoToWebinar offer viable options. In this instance GoToWebinar has the full responsive and full loaded marketing deployment system that really benefits individual users to business or enterprises.


With webinars becoming mainstream pricing has become accessible and will vary on the number of presenters and attendees. So depending on your needs choosing the appropriate subscription model will keep your costs under control to grow over time.


ClickMeeting offers a subscription-based model. They offer three pricing tiers that are the following: MyWebinarsTM , MyWebinarsTM Pro and Enterprise. From small and medium-sized webinars prices start with 25 attendees at $30, for bigger events 50 attendees priced at $30 and from 500 to 5000 for the enterprise price. Additional prices are available for attendees under the different packages and will depend on the organization needs.

Screenshot Pricing ClickMeeting


In contrast GoToWebinar has four pricing models, which are subscription based as well. They are as follows: free, Starter, Pro and Plus. The Starter starts at $19 with 10 participants, the Pro priced at $29 with 50 participants and the Plus at $49 with 100 participants. As you add more and more participants greater functionality is added to support large number of participants.

Screenshot Pricing GoToWebinar

Point for Pricing Goes To: Tie

Both of these webinar providers provide plenty of options, pricing flexibility and tailored to organizations of all sizes. It is why we have declared a draw in instance because offer unique solutions in the marketplace.

Overview of Benefits

Searching for a webinar platform and appropriate technology you need ease-of-use and a comprehensive solution. In other words, that it can harmonize with your existing operations and deployment is fairly straightforward.


According to ClickMeeting has numerous benefits. This includes bolstering communication, information dissemination, training and more. You will minimize time, effort and cost when promoting products or services when utilizing this webinar provider. By offering exclusive demos on your products or services you will generate plenty of awareness around your company’s brand.

Screenshot benefits ClickMeeting

GoToWebinar confirms GoToWebinar serves as a need to show effectively and especially useful around training and learning environments. No previous IT experience or knowledge is needed to get setup and running. Other benefits include record your webinars using webcams with reporting and analytics integrated into the software. Good for sharing meaningful content and generating income.

Screenshot benefits GoToWebinar

Point for Benefits Goes To: ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting here gains the edge because of all of the benefits it provides. Nearly all of the options, supports and distribution of information through webinar can be easily shared amongst users and attendees alike.


After reviewing pricing, features, and overall benefits having great support is pivotal aspect to be mindful of. You want if possible technical support around the clock and have multiple support channels to be able to contact in the event of a technical issue of any kind.


ClickMeeting offers a robust and comprehensive support solution. Their support team can be contacted via email, phone, live chat support or submit a ticket. This is a wonderful set of options to have and each organization can have a preference of how to reach out to technical support in light of technical problems that arise.

screenshot support ClickMeeting


GoToWebinar also has multiple support channels. They currently offer phone, live support, and a ticketing system. It is as previously mentioned essentially for users to have more than one option to contact the provider’s support team when technical problems arise.

Screenshot support GoToWebinar

Point for Support Goes To: ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting and GoToWebinar have suitable support channels and solid reviews when it comes to technical support. In this category, ClickMeeting has a more complete support solution that fits users of their platform of all sizes.

And Winner of this side-by-side is… ClickMeeting

Takeaways and Conclusions

Both of these providers are solid competitors in the marketplace. ClickMeeting offers a bit more in support, features, pricing subscriptions, and benefits to adopters of this webinar platform.

Webinars will continue to be adopted increasingly by the public and private sectors. They offer savings in costs, time and deployment. The technology continues to become that much easier to use and organize events to distribute valuable information to targeted audiences.