Content plays an extremely important role – whether you are a content marketer or a small business owner. Content is the magnet that will drive traffic to your website or your blog and help increase your sales. Good quality content has the potential to engage with your audience and keep them coming back to your page. However, not everyone possesses the skills that are required to create appealing content.

To counter that, you can start curating content, but it is also important to have some original content that has been tailored to your website or blog. If you don’t have a flair for writing and creating eye-catching content, there is no need to lose heart. There are various services that offer content based on your requirements. The benefit, of course, is that you can get the content written by someone who has a lot of experience in writing, and get original content created specifically for your business. Here’s a look at some of the top content creation services you can use.


If you want content that is focused on driving sales, and created by experienced writers, you can turn to Godot. It is a fully managed content writing service, and offers a variety of content like blog posts, articles, copy, press releases, eBooks and more. Godot also helps you promote your content by providing you with various content marketing, blogging and social media packages for your businesses. The process for ordering content is simple and won’t cost you a fortune.

With Godot, you can receive personalized service, a dedicated point of contact so you are not shooting in the dark, and most of all, free trials – so you can test out the quality before placing a large order.


Upwork is a freelance platform where freelancers can sign up and bid on projects that are put up by prospective clients. If you require content, you can put up the required specifications like language, type of content, type of experience and more. Once you start getting pitches by different freelancers, you can choose a writer that best suits your needs. Payment is secure and can be made directly to the writer.

It is a great platform for both content seekers and content creators. Also, Upwork doesn’t just have freelancers who can produce textual content. You can also hire graphic designers, marketing experts, accountants, customer services agents and more.


If you have any content marketing tasks that you would like to be carried out by professionals, Copypress is a great service. They offer content writing services, infographics and more. They will also ensure that your content gets the right kind of exposure and the right amount. The website also offers short certification courses that will help you get certified as a blogger, editor, travel writer or an interactive developer.

Under their content creation services, Copypress offers eBooks, copy, whitepapers etc., though they can be a bit on the dear side.


This content creation service is perfect for businesses that are looking for one-off projects. The platform allows you post a job or offer your services if you are a freelancer – be it writing, website design, social media or more. Other than posting a job and letting freelancers find you, you can also browse the website’s hourly rates for a project and get started or look through freelancer profiles and choose one as per your requirement.

With the ability to choose an hourly rate, there is no need to negotiate, and as a buyer of content you already know the price you will be paying once the completed project is handed over to you.


Similar to Upwork, Guru is also a freelancer platform where you can post jobs for freelancers. The platform also offers various services like web design, writing and translation, sales and marketing related help and more. Posting a job to Guru is completely free, and they have a network of up to 1.5 million freelancers – so you have a wide variety to choose from.

Once you post a job, you can manage your projects within the website without having to leave the website. You can define the job, create different milestones, and collaborate with the freelancer so you can share the necessary documents etc,. If you are a small business looking for quick content, this platform is definitely for you.