Content MarketingContent marketing has been the latest buzz word for the past couple of years. I really believe companies are embracing content marketing and they are sharing more information about their products and services. This is all very good, but many people have not taken it to the next level and have started writing from the heart. This really is the key! As marketers embrace content marketing and begin writing more, they will feel a pull to speak more from the heart and ultimately share more personal experiences. This helps people become more transparent and real.

This is where the real power is. When companies can find ways to connect with others through personal experiences, then people will be drawn to those experiences and will seek your content more because they are starting to believe that they are reading content from a real person who talks about real experiences.

Video and images can really help bring content marketing alive. I know from experience when I started adding images to my posts and videos to my company website, I saw an increase in views to our website and more phone calls to our client service staff.

Too many articles are written in general, basic language. A person can only read so many of those type of articles. It really is up to us as marketers to make information be more alive and talk about real experiences to bring our readers in. I will finish this post by giving you a picture of how I see content marketing.

Content marketing is all about getting our message out to clients, readers and advocates. I focus on blog articles. A company blog site is key. In addition, I have really found that brochures can be very useful, especially at trade shows and through online promotions. As far as content, you always have to show the client some type of value that they can receive by reading the content you are presenting. The goal is to be transparent and personal. Make sure people can easily find and contact you. People connect with people! When was the last time you connected with content? Be transparent and start sharing your story and experiences.

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