It used to be. How many scenarios in healthcare and healthcare marketing these days start with it used to be? A lot, right? The industry is changing so dramatically.

But it’s not just the industry that’s evolving – it’s patients, as well. For example, it used to be that patients were diagnosed by the same doctor their families had seen for years. And it used to be they’d receive instructions for behaviors and meds mainly through a one-way conversation. Most often, “doctor’s orders” didn’t develop via a dialogue.

It’s different now, of course. Patients are not only more educated and empowered, but – as a result of changing payment models – they’re also “shopping” for and comparing health care providers, facilities and services. In addition to corporate websites, state-run comparison tools, healthcare exchanges and information sites like WebMD, patients are turning to blogs and social media as they make decisions about their health. It’s similar to consumer behavior they’ve acquired in their retail experiences.

Although this is the case for many customers in today’s healthcare marketplace, there are others who are being forced to become “shoppers” due to deductibles, health savings accounts (HSAs) and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs). It used to be these individuals simply paid copays. Now? They’re on the hook for a base dollar amount upfront – and they intend to watch costs closely.

In each case – whether consumers are empowered in the marketplace or kicking and screaming in it – providers and insurers can help them by providing useful and easy-to-understand content in each medium at their disposal. Patients want to make informed decisions about treatment and cost. A solid content marketing strategy can help patients not only discover your organization but also choose it after a thorough consideration of their options.

It used to be you were on your own, but now you don’t have to be: contact us. We have the tools and expertise to create or enhance a content strategy to meet your objectives.