Screen Shot 2013 07 07 at 1.14.28 PM 300x224 Content Marketing ...80s Rock Band StyleWho says a rock band from the 80’s can’t teach us about content marketing? I was perusing my photos from a 2012 Van Halen concert I attended and was struck by the social media and content marketing lesson that there was hidden in this great rock and roll experience!

It’s important for all of us to use outside experiences to learn and make our content marketing more effective! Consider the connections I made from an awesome Van Halen concert I attended in 2012!

12 Things Rock Bands Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

  • Every Song Is Part Of An Album. All of your white paper, blog and video content need to be part of a unified story.
  • Turn Up The Volume So The Back Row Can Hear You. Make sure you use enough Tweets, blog posts and other messaging to connect with your customers.
  • Free Tickets Get People To Sample Your Music. You need to give away some content to get customers to try your site, blog and brand out.
  • New Music Keeps Fans Coming Back For More. Always generate new and fresh content to keep people engaged with your social media brand.
  • Music Sells The Album, T-shirts And The Concert Tickets. Like music, content does not always have to ask for the order, just consistently keep everyone in a ready-to-act state.
  • You Need To Be Talking To Your Band Mates. Like a well-tuned band, your social media content distribution needs to be in sync with all of your stakeholders.
  • Fan Conversation Happens … No Matter What. There are no stopping social media, so you need to be a part of the conversation.
  • Make The Fans Hot For Teacher. Think about brand advocates as “groupies” … AKA influencers … and leverage them.
  • Have Fun With The Fans And Talk To Them. Put some voice in your content messaging and give it personality.
  • Jump Into It. Use the right content to connect with your followers, and they too will dance the night away!
  • Sing So The Fans Dance The Night Away With You. Tell your followers and customers that you love them by delivering relevant content delivered in relevant ways.
  • Keep The Peace. Social media needs to integrate with other content marketing tactics. No one tactic can be counted on alone.

Do you have something that you can add to this set list of content marketing ideas? Please leave a comment below or contact me directly at or on Twitter @GerryMoran.

I won’t be bringing my mullet hairstyle back any time soon. No matter how cool it would look. However, I will be applying what I learned from this very cool 1980’s band, Van Halen! So think about it and Jump into a new way of content marketing!