Here’s what a select group of content influencers have to say about promoting content in today’s content marketing landscape. Content promotion is becoming equally as important as the quality of content itself. A marketer may have an amazing and relevant article to share with the world on the Internet, but if it’s not being distributed to the right channels it’s ultimately useless. Efficient content promotion is more than just a tweet or LinkedIn post — there are various avenues to explore. Check out what a handful of thought leaders have to share about content promotion here:

Make Sure You Have a Clickable Headline

unnamed-12-1 “First, I think it’s important to think of content as pieces of a puzzle. The picture becomes clear from many pieces together not just one or two. Traction and stickiness are influenced by the content that came before and the content that comes after whatever the consumer is seeing at the moment. That said, there are some tactics worth paying attention: On the social web, titles are everything. 85 percent is the title. The title should make a promise to the reader and compel them to act, whether it’s a click or a share. Of course titles should have search keywords in them if possible.” — Lee Odden, CEO at TopRank Online Marketing

Know Quality Is Just As Important As Promotion

AlexisGrant_headshot “Offering free information that’s truly valuable and helpful to your target community is really the best way to get started. But even once you create that value, you’ve got to help people know about it. That’s why promotion is often even more important than creation — you need the eyes for people to realize just how great you are.” — Alexis Grant, Founder of Founder of The Write Life and Socialexis

Don’t Neglect Syndication Channels

Carrie-Sloan-Learnvest “As little as two years ago, LearnVest content went out in a newsletter to our audience ‑‑ which was growing, and growing organically ‑‑ but we also put in place syndication and business development deals. Today, we went from having 4,000 referrals ‑‑ outside newbies coming to the site ‑‑ per month. Now we have 150,000 per month. That’s because the content is living on sites like, Daily Finance, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Huffington Post. We have about 50 different syndication relationships in place now.” — Carrie Sloan, Fromer Editor-in-Chief at LearnVest

You Don’t Always Have to Pay to Promote

archie-abrams-udemy1.jpg “We’ve done some testing with StumbleUpon but the ROI hasn’t been there. We rely on organic search and social to drive traffic to the content.” — Archie Abrams, Director of Growth at Udemy What advice do you have about content promotion? Share it with us in the comments section below.