appsIf you’re in the business of content writing or marketing, then you know that you kind of have to always be “on.” When a great idea for one of your clients comes to you at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, it’s hard to resist the temptation to at least jot it down for later development.

Fortunately, being always “on” doesn’t have to mean always working. I’ve picked out 9 of the best mobile and iPad apps that can help you produce better content for your clients – anytime and anywhere.

Marketing Apps

These apps will help you organize ideas and lead your team:

#1 Statigram

Your client’s asking how their Instagram campaign’s going. “Well,” you say, “Instagram doesn’t really have analytics per se, so things seem to be…” Stop. Yes it does. It’s called Statigram. Use it.

#2 Dropbox

We’re big Dropbox fans here at Content Equals Money. We use Dropbox to store files on all of our clients so that if we do have to switch around workloads, the new writer can see what a client’s all about. Dropbox is great for marketing agencies that need to share documents and files in a cloud system – especially if those files aren’t compatible with Google Docs.

#3 GoDocs

Speaking of, we also use Google Docs a good bit for sharing documents and editing on the fly. But what if a computer isn’t to be found? GoDocs is the answer. GoDocs (not a Google-licensed product) lets you work in Google Documents from your phone.

#4 HootSuite

Personally, I’m a big fan of HootSuite. I use the free version to manage my little Twitter account, but it’s a much more powerful tool – great for managing all of your social media accounts.

SEO Apps

Okay, so you probably know about some of those marketing apps, but did you know that there’s app help available for your SEO writers, too?

#5 Google Analytics (iPad)

I absolutely love Google Analytics. I’ve been learning it on my own for the last few months, and am continually impressed. While you can easily access it on your desktop and iPhone, there are dozens of Google Analytics extension apps, which take the platform one step further. If you’ve had issues with how GA displays its SEO data in the past, then you might find something you like in here!

#6 Website SEO Analyser

When you need the basic nuts and bolts information about a website, Website SEO Analyser, available for the iPhone and iPad, is the way to get it. No frills; just the facts.

Writing Apps

Content writing requires a lot of creativity, but having a few tools at your disposal can also help a lot:

#7 Evernote

No list of apps is ever complete without Evernote. This is one I personally use and love. I use Evernote to store pictures, record notes in the car, jot down recommendations from friends, and keep .pdf maps of hiking destinations. You can store just about anything in Evernote and enjoy the security of having your files instantly backed up in the Evernote cloud. Every SEO writer should use this tool.

#8 iThoughts

Have a lot of ideas? Not sure how to organize them? If a standard Roman numeral outline isn’t your thing, you might want to try iThoughts on your iPhone or iPad. This app helps you map out your ideas and connect them in clear, easy-to-view ways.

#9 iA Writer

If you find spell-check and formatting to be distracting in your first drafts, you might want to check out iA Writer, which provides just the bare necessities, allowing you to enjoy complete distraction-free writing. I suppose SEO writers are usually more concerned with word count than the time it takes the reader to read. Nevertheless, it’s worth pointing out that iA Writer does have a pretty cool feature that provides you with the “read time” of your text. Dropbox sync also available.

What apps/tools do you find useful as a content writer or marketer?