Research from the most recent TEKGROUP International online newsroom survey, conducted in mid-2012 showed that journalists expect your organization to have an up-to-date, multimedia showcase of your news content. Not just a list of press releases, but an interactive and social media enabled communications center for your brand. Below are 8 steps to help create a more effective digital public relations presence.

  1. Mobile; ensure that your online newsroom is available in a mobile format (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Droid) to ensure maximum reach for people that use those devices.
  2. RSS; offer a set of RSS feeds for your various news content. Examples might be “All News RSS feed”,”Sales and Financials RSS feed”, “Product XYZ RSS feed”.
  3. Crisis Communications; create a “dark” site for crisis communications efforts to help streamline the process of managing those situations.
  4. Blog; offer a blog from within your online newsroom highlighting some feature of your organization. R&D, sales and marketing, or perhaps a product development expert.
  5. Social; create a social media landing page that has one-stop access to all of your various social media outlets. Examples include Cigna and Toyota.
  6. Facebook; if appropriate, integrate your Facebook business page within your online newsroom. This will allow visitors to your website the ability to share content with your network.
  7. YouTube; create and maintain a YouTube account to integrate with your online newsroom. This will allow you to share videos from YouTube in your online newsroom.
  8. Twitter; establish a news Twitter account for your organization. This will allow you to publish directly from your online newsroom to a dedicate news Twitter following

With an online newsroom you can maximize the opportunities that you get for news coverage and shareability and can save time and money by automating certain tasks. Let your online newsroom work while you don’t.