87% of marketers are using content marketing as a mainstream strategy while planning their marketing programs (B2B Marketing Trends 2012) and while still a new player, content curation is a strong player to help with marketing goals.

Content curation as defined by Rohit Bhargava, is someone “who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online.” Creating original content to fill those programs can be expensive and time consuming but does content curation really work? Here are 5 examples of companies who have and are successfully curating content.


Openview Labs

The OpenView Labs site was created to provide content to growing companies, giving them insight into all areas of growing a business from trusted professionals. The curated content is handpicked by people who have experience and know what works when building a vision. Focused on providing thought leadership on all topics from lead generation to recruiting and Scrum development, OpenView Partners, backed by OpenView Ventures (a venture capitalist firm) has positioned its site as a go-to resource for the entrepreneur. The site’s look and feel helps elevate the firm’s status as a resource of industry influencers.


Everything Tile and Stone

East Coast Tile has created the destination for all things tile and stone, providing its audience with the latest and greatest tools and trends in the tile industry. A consistent flow of fresh content keeps the audience engaged, keeps the company’s distribution channels full of new content, and keeps sites visitors coming back regularly. Everything Tile and Stone has become a news hub for our audience. Prospects looking for tile inspiration regularly come back to see what’s new. This ultimately leads them to East Coast Tile to make their final tile purchase.


United Nations

The UN is one of many organizations using content curation, to better connect with its audience. The UN website features three channels (or stories) covering everything ranging from people on location at the UN Tweeting photos and their thoughts, to events like RIO+20, and stories on human rights questions. The ability to browse through stories and easily comment or repost them is key since the primary mission of the UN is to get the message out.


Oregon Wine Board

Some sites just need to be savored. The Oregon Wine Board was looking for a way to regularly engage with local wineries and industry professionals through content. Curating content focused on the local wine scene, the Oregon Wine Board is able to build a robust daily newsletter for its members featuring articles on everything from tasting events to growing history. The daily dose keeps readers coming back to drink in more every day. “In the first week of launching, we curated two articles in the newsroom that were immediately syndicated and picked up by Google as a news source.”

These examples and more can be found in Curata’s latest eBook, The Content Curation Look Book 2013, with a foreword by Rohit Bhargava.