Content really is king, especially when you are trying to get your brand or company noticed by the public eye. A startup that invests in a good content marketing professional can create a lot of digital noise, resulting in lead gen, increased ROI and brand awareness. However, an exceptional content marketing professional capable of delivering these results can be challenging to find.

So what qualities distinguish a good content marketer from an exceptional one? With so much content online, how does a content marketer ensure that their content gets noticed all of the time? I started thinking about this question, especially after attending the Contently West Coast Summit that took place in San Francisco on June 9. Upon arrival to the Contently Summit, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself surrounded by at least 200 other content marketing professionals. With this in mind, I better understood what makes a content marketer stand out from the crowd after being in a room full of hungry marketers passionate about writing. Here are my five key takeaways as to how a content marketer can get their content noticed:

  • Start with a clear content marketing strategy: It is crucial to have a content marketing game plan in order to get your content noticed. Before deciding to push out great content, think about what types of content will benefit you the most. Should you focus on writing blog posts, white papers, or articles for third party sources? Once you decide which type of content works best, you can then start creating that content. Your content marketing strategy should also focus on ways to organize content. For instance, creating and maintaining a blog-posting calendar to help decide which blog posts get posted when is extremely useful. Once you’ve done this, you should then start thinking about how to promote your content. Researching different groups on social media networks like Linkedln and Facebook, for example, will help you deliver your content to the correct audience.
  • Understand your target audience: Author, entrepreneur and speaker, Ben Parr, mentioned during the Contently Summit that readers are looking for content that provides a sense of identity. With this in mind, great content marketers should have a clear understanding of who their target audience is in order to produce content that resonates directly with that group of readers. For example, not too long ago I created a personal blog aimed at a specific audience in a particular country. I wrote about personal experiences I had while living abroad in that country. These posts really impacted my readers because they could personally relate to my written experiences. Overall, my personal blog was very successful and allowed me to become a thought leader in that area. This never would have happened, however, if I didn’t understand whom my target audience was before creating that content.
  • Practice the “3 C’s” – Create, Content, Consistently: Ben Parr also mentioned that a great content marketer must focus on creating content consistently. This message in particular resonated with me because I know the value that a steady stream of content can provide. For instance, let’s say you start your own blog, or are responsible for heading your company’s blog, and your first few blog posts are a hit. That’s great, but remember that you can’t just stop there. In order to build your brand/product/etc., you must always provide your readers with a steady stream of quality Creating content consistently will ultimately result in thought leadership, brand awareness, lead gen, etc. This allows you to build influence across your target audience and area of expertise.
  • Know how to correctly promote content via social media: One of the most important lessons that I have learned as a content marketer is the value of sharing content across various social media networks. For example, if my company has just published a blog post on Big Data, one great way to ensure that this content gets noticed is by promoting it across different Big Data groups on Linkedln/Facebook. Tweeting it out to other Big Data thought leaders with the correct #hashtags also ensures that this content gets noticed. Sure, this might sound easy enough, but keep in mind that there is a ton of content being shared on social media networks. Consequently, you need to think of creative ways that will make your content stand out from the crowd. Thinking of catchy titles and including engaging images will certainly help your content get noticed. And remember, keep posting! The more digital noise you create, the better the chances are that your content will gain attention.
  • Recognize the value in repurposing content: Finally, once you start creating content consistently, you should start thinking about different ways of reusing it. Creating infographics, informative short videos and modifying blog posts to be published by third party sources are just a few ways that will ensure your award winning content is noticed everywhere. Publishing Linkedln posts are also a great way to repurpose content and allows you to share your thoughts across your personal professional network. I’m a big believer in publishing posts on my Linkedln account to help build thought leadership, and then modifying these posts for submission to third party publications.

Digital marketing is disrupting journalism. This key fact was stated throughout the Contently West Coast Summit. And while the time is certainty ripe for content marketing, implementing best practices such as the ones listed above can transform a good content marketing professional into a great one. Just like the content you are producing, you want to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Learning the techniques behind content marketing will help you and your content succeed.