Home Runs of the Week

curated marketing content hits a home runEven though the internet is a digital information highway, the days of mass marketing are over. The latest information from Forrester Research indicates that a one-size fits all approach just isn’t effective in modern marketing. Marketers need to create a personalized approach by focusing on segments and releasing information that just fits for their real-life buyer personas.

In this weeks round-up of the best marketing content, we’ve showcased some of the best thought we’ve found on how you can dominate platforms where different personas flock. From the soaring popularity of video content to the fact even B2B marketers can no longer afford to ignore Pinterest, we’ve given you a head start on creating marketing that’s unique, targeted and tailored to the varied platforms where modern consumers congregate. Get comfortable, because this week’s home runs could revolutionize your inbound marketing strategy:

Video Revolution 2.0: YouTube Statistics 2012

One of the most awe-inspiring home runs of the week is the video was produced by high-energy video marketing expert James Wedmore. It’s a few weeks old, but the numbers are still fresh and impressive enough to fire up your visual content strategy. Here are a two of our favorite facts and figures from the clip:

YouTube Receives Over 4 Billion Video Views DAILY. (via YouTube) //

Video Has a 41% Higher Click-Through Rate Than Plain Text. (via iMedia Connection)

7 Effective Ways to Build Your Marketing Brand on LinkedIn

Visual content generate shares and pins on Facebook and Pinterest. Pithy quotations, shocking statistics and links earn ReTweets on Twitter. How the heck do you get started building your brand on LinkedIn, the “boring,” business-oriented social media network? Dylan Madeley of N5R Communications the basic best practices for making connections, building brand awareness and generating boat loads of leads. Make sure you’re doing LinkedIn the right way here.

Pinterest for Marketing – How to Do it Right

Pinterest is more than just a community based around eye-candy and recipes. It’s a serious business tool, even for B2B types. If you’re still trying to decide whether you want to get started with the new social media on the block, Jane Palin’s post on the tom tom Communication blog might be the jump start you need. In addition to a review of best practices, Palin points business owners towards some big brands who are using the network well. Did you know Barack Obama and General Electric are active members of the Pinterest network? Start pinning today.

Calculating the Economics and ROI of Lead Generation

Maybe we’ve been thinking about marketing wrong all along. Alan Vitberg, CPA marketing specialist argues that too often small business owners approach marketing as overhead, when it’s really more an investment. By focusing your efforts on lead generation through outstanding content marketing, landing page design and strong lead nurturing efforts, your ROI can soar. Put your nerd glasses on and start calculating returns here.

Why Sales Need to Align With Product Management to Win More Business

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”. The words of famed economist Theodore Levitt are profound enough to transform your content marketing strategy. Your customers don’t want long explanations about the product, they want solutions. Jock Busuttil’s guest post on the AdMarCo blog was profound and a powerful reminder that it’s not always about you. It’s about your clients. Stop writing about your products and start writing about your customers.

Did you publish or discover any marketing content home runs this past week? Share in the comments, and we may feature the article in next weeks’ post!