When you think of your law firm’s site content, you need to think well beyond your own site to get more visitors and expand your awareness.

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about creating content for your site. This includes your Website, of course, but also your blog, social media pages and basically anything  you “own” online. It should be well-written, reader-centric, interesting and updated regularly. But that will only get you so far in terms of traffic to your site. You need to start thinking about ways to get your firm’s – and partner’s – content well beyond your own site.

Jay Baer wrote a great article on this recently, and made some interesting points that apply to law firm marketing as well. He points out that there are limited ways to drive people to your site. These include search, email campaigns, links in your social media pages and direct URL entry. I’d argue that you have quite a few other methods, since he doesn’t include things like advertising, collateral materials, direct mail or other non-Internet options.

But his point is well-taken. Most of the time, anyone who comes to your site through any of these methods are already familiar with your firm. So while it’s great to remind these people that you are out there and available when they need your services, how do you reach those that have no idea who you are?

This is where getting content on sites outside of your own can be incredibly valuable. The more content your law firm has on sites outside of your own, the more likely new clients are going to find you. It also raises your search engine optimization, so even those that are doing organic searches will be more likely to stumble upon your firm that way too.

Jay recommends some or all of the following:

  • Create a Slideshare (which can also be uploaded to your personal LinkedIn page)
  • Make a podcast
  • Build a photo gallery
  • Shoot videos
  • Write guest blog posts
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Pitch articles to online publications (I added this one, but it’s very powerful!)

Basically, the more information you put out there on sites other than your own, the more likely you’ll be found by potential clients. It increases awareness for your firm, gives you added legitimacy and will eventually drive more visitors to your site – visitors who had no idea that your firm existed before they found your information on one of these outside sites. So get out there and start spreading the word!

How are you using sites other than your own to increase exposure for your firm? What have you seen work well and not so well?