Business sketchAt Grammar Chic, we are obviously big believers in the content marketing process, and strong proponents of content marketing outsourcing. Even so, we understand that it can be a little bit daunting. If you have never worked with a content marketing agency before, you may have serious questions about price; about the kinds of results you can expect to see; and about what working with a content marketing agency is actually like.

One of our goals is to demystify the process, and to make it as inviting and as appealing as possible. We want to answer as many of your questions as we can, and hope some of the following resources will be of use to you as you think about making the leap to outsourced content marketing!

Understanding The Benefits

A good place to begin is with understanding the benefits of outsourced content marketing—benefits that might include a higher level of marketing acumen, a greater ability to capture the voice of your brand, and more.

Plus, as we noted in one previous blog entry, outsourcing your content marketing can actually help you save money! The reason is that “doing your own content marketing can take so much time, it ends up being less cost-effective than you might think. When you’re constantly focused on Facebook and Twitter, you’re not doing the other things that add value to your brand. While outsourcing your content marketing will certainly require a financial investment, you may well make up for it with what you gain in productivity.”

Finding The Right Match

Once you make the decision to hire a content marketing agency—for whatever reason—you have to start thinking about the kind of content marketing agency you want. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and it is important to think about fit: Not just the biggest or flashiest firm, but the one that is best positioned to meet your needs.

This means finding a firm with the right personnel and adequate technology, as well as browsing reviews and recommendations. Here is our full take on finding a content marketing firm that meets your needs. Something else to note: You also want to find an agency that is dedicated to ongoing improvement.

Interviewing Your Agency

Once you find a content marketing firm that you think might fit, it’s best to have an interview to make sure everything clicks. “Like any relationship,” we once wrote, “this one is going to take some work if you really want it to succeed over the long haul. In particular, it’s going to require some communication—and we recommend that you begin that communication on day one.” Make sure you ask about communication standards, results, reporting, experience, and whatever else will enable you to feel comfortable and make an informed decision.