Every month my company attends the Boston SEO Meetup, a Meetup event for local SEO and internet marketing professionals, business owners and anyone else interested in learning more about SEO. At November’s event, founder Dave Matson spent a few minutes talking to the group about some of the challenges he has writing content for his clients, criminal defense attorneys. He explained that it’s hard to get people excited and wanting to share a blog post about DUIs, but that doesn’t mean he can’t find creative ways to incorporate trending topics into his content marketing and still have it accurately reflect your brand.]

He recently wrote a blog post that talked about what Occupy protestors should do in case they were arrested during a protest. It got picked up by some of the bigger Occupy Facebook pages and received 1,000 Likes in the process! He explained that the information was pretty basic, but that it was repackaged for the right audience at the right time. Dave found a way to create content that would get people’s attention and was still in line with their brand.

Content marketing isn’t as hard as you think it is!

The number one problem most of my clients (and a lot of businesses in general) have with content marketing is that they don’t think they don’t have anything to say. First off, if you’re not passionate about the industry you’re in, it might be time to find a new job! Secondly, there are fascinating aspects about every industry that the right audience is eager to hear more about. Many of us know our industry inside and out and we forget that our audience isn’t privy to that same insider information. What you consider common knowledge might be a eureka moment for one of your readers.

A lot of B2B marketers understand the value of a strong content marketing campaign, but don’t think their products/services are as glamorous as some B2C products. Sure, it may be more fun to blog about expensive cars or designer handbags, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to make a blog about personal finance more interesting. Just look at what Mint did! You don’t even have to step that far outside of your niche to create engaging content that will not only help you connect with your audience and build your online brand, but that you’ll actually enjoy writing.

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