As we head into yet another New Year, content marketing is on the minds of businesses and marketing departments great and small. To get you started on the right foot in 2013, here is a quick and dirty content marketing template for your brand…


By end of year 2013, we will have a war chest of quality content organized within a number of campaign initiatives, each one elaborating on an aspect of our brand’s unique value proposition. Naturally, these campaigns will focus on addressing the wants and needs of our target audience, highlighting ways our products and services can add value to their lives. In short, our content will be a reflection of our company’s vision.

In doing so, we will position ourselves to be industry thought leaders to our target audience.


  1. We need to create a 2013 content calendar organized in the following way: Vertically, by a) theme, each of which will be a distinct campaign, and b) every segment of our target audience; Horizontally, by a) stage of the buying cycle (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU), and b) content media to connect with each audience segment. Such media may include: eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, tip sheets, how-to videos, info-graphics, slide-decks, photo collages, etc.
  2. Each theme, or campaign, will last roughly one month. The majority of our blogs will support the current campaign, saving room for forward-thinking thought-leadership pieces. Our first theme, or campaign, will be about our core business, and will run through the month of January. This campaign will serve as a high-level outline of our overarching business goals and company vision. All copy and media created for this campaign will address how we can help our target audience use our (insert core business) to add value to their daily lives.
  3. We will always strive to view each  of our initiatives first through the lens of our target audience. If by doing this we find our content is not informing, entertaining, or otherwise providing value, we will readjust our message.
  4. Beginning in February, we will run a number of campaigns that focus on sub-themes of our core business (specific products, services, or elements of either).
  5. We will utilize various content media to create original pieces tailored to each segment of our target audience at every stage of the buying cycle (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU).
  6. We will diligently track and review all campaign metrics. Tweak, refine, tweak, refine.
  7. To maintain our competitive advantage as a forward-thinking company, we will continue to research and write about the latest trends in our industry throughout the year.
  8. We will work with our sales team to elicit feedback about our content, with a goal of always improving our messaging and delivery to better serve the wants and needs of our target audience.
  9. We’ll have fun doing it.
  10. We’ll throw some parties, too.

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