Content Marketing MascotAs a business owner who understands the importance of sharing content online, you also understand how critical the uniqueness of your content is to your success. If your content is unique, it will entice other people and make them want to interact with you in a very profound manner.

The different ways to produce unique content

There are many different ways that you can approach the writing of your content and making it as unique as it can possibly be.

Choose very specific content topics: If you write content that is very broad or generic, your chances of other people writing on the same topics will go up dramatically. The more specific and narrow your topic, the fewer people will be writing about it. That will certainly give you an edge. Of course, along with that, it is very important for you to keep search engine optimization in mind as you are writing so that other people can find you online. The more details you put into your content, the more unique it will become. It will also be more interesting to your readers. You should also remember to make your title and teaser paragraph convey your topic clearly in every case.

Share your perspective: Before you write any content, it goes without saying that you need to be knowledgeable in your particular niche or industry. One of your hooks is going to be that you can offer your readers something that nobody else can offer because it is your perspective and yours alone. Each person thinks a little differently and that means that you will be getting your readers to see things a little differently also. If you can achieve that, you will be in great shape and you will enjoyed continued success.

Share your quest: One of the great reasons to come up with unique content is that you don’t know the answer to a question and you can hopefully find an answer as you are doing the research and the writing. In that case, you will benefit from it and your readers will also benefit (and appreciate it). Having questions that need answers also gives you new ideas for article topics. At times, it might be difficult to come up with new topics and that might help.

Remember that “Content Is King”: Although keywords (and SEO, in general) are very important, it doesn’t mean that you should get overly obsessed with the keywords for want of the content. Of course, the content will always be your most important concept and you must make sure to get that right before anything else can happen. You need to make sure that if you focus on keywords and key phrases, you do so in a way that flows naturally and easily. If you can accomplish that, the rest will follow.

Don’t duplicate: Unfortunately, it is very easy to duplicate content without even realizing it. Of course, that certainly subtracts from your uniqueness. The last thing that your readers want is to read the same content from you over and over again. Unfortunately, if you do that to them, they won’t stay with you for very long. If you want to avoid producing duplicated content, the best (and simplest) way to do that is to customize each article. If you do that, there is no way that two articles will be the same.


Writing unique, enticing content is not a luxury, it is a necessity. You owe it your readers to constantly come up with that quality of content every time you share something with them. So, in conclusion, remember the few basic principles to sharing unique content: do the research and come up with narrow topics, not broad, generic ones; once you have chosen your topic, make sure that you put in very specific details so that it will be different from the content that other writers are sharing; concentrate on personalizing each piece of content so that there is no chance that any two can be alike. If your content does not turn out to be unique, you are also short-changing yourself in addition to doing a disservice to your readers because one of your valuable qualities is that you share your unique perspective with other people. On one final note, your content also needs to be unique to catch the attention of the search engines, which, in turn, will catch the attention of your readers.

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