Using content that is controversial (or practically incites a riot) draws attention but it doesn’t necessarily draw the right sort of attention. If you work at it, you can create the same amount of attention without any controversy at all.

When it comes to long-term effects, it is your high-quality content that will turn your readers into loyalists. Provocative content may draw them to you but it won’t necessarily keep them coming back to you. The controversy may grow old very quickly. It is essential that your content is not only of the best quality but is also extremely well organized and accurate. The writing itself should be easy to understand, informative, and helpful.

Giving to others

At this point in your career, you have acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise and the most effective way to truly wow other people is to impart that knowledge so that other people have some percentage of the knowledge that you have and can run their businesses more effectively and more successfully. A great way to teach is by offering tips and tricks to your readers. If your content is valuable (and is considered valuable by your readers), they will want to share it with other people who they feel will benefit from it as much as they have. As you are writing, another way to bring your ideas across effectively is by using lists. You can use bullets or you can number the items in your lists. Readers love to read content that is short and powerful and making lists is an excellent way to accomplish this. You should use simple, clear, and concise language. That will come across very effectively.

Focus on your area(s) of expertise

It is important for your content to stay focused on your area or areas of expertise. The broader you make your content, the more possibility you have of losing your readers. What you are doing by offering top-quality content is gaining credibility, trustworthiness, and the concept that other people are starting to regard you as a subject matter expert. If you don’t accomplish all of that, you won’t have any hope of eventually becoming successful. Always bear in mind that the content that you offer your readers must hold some value and they must be able to learn from you. A bunch of random factoids won’t do anyone any good.

Don’t be afraid to stir the pot

There is nothing wrong with having provocative content if it gets people to start thinking and start interacting. There is nothing wrong with giving your opinion as long as you are also open-minded about allowing other people to also give theirs. That is how inspired conversations come about. There will be many times when those discussions lead to more ideas for the content that you end up writing and sharing with others. Of course, it is also important for you to pick which discussions are worth getting involved in and which ones are not. You should never be controversial merely for the sake of being controversial. You should have the purest of intentions. You certainly don’t need a reputation of controversy that may harm your business and might stop you from becoming successful.

Stay on top of things

There are many new tools that are being introduced on a regular basis (in fact, at lightening speed). You should take advantage of whichever ones make sense for your business and help to enhance and highlight what you have already. It is critical that you market your business to the best of your ability. If you don’t let people know about your business and how it can help them to solve their problems, they will undoubtedly find someone else who can help them to solve their problems. The more popular your content is, the better your chances of people linking back to your website and really interacting with you and reaching out to you in a profound way.

Try to keep a positive outlook

When you first start to share online content, you may not be sure that you will be successful and that other people will want to interact with you and will be willing to share your content with other people. The beginning is always the most difficult and once you have established a rhythm and a momentum, you will see that anything can happen. Staying positive is key.


Content is King, has always been King, and will always be King. If you have high-quality content that allows people to learn from your knowledge, you provide the foundation for stimulating discussions, and you build solid and lasting relationships, you should consider yourself a success. All of those are very important but you won’t be able to do anything  without having the content behind you to show the value of what you are offering.

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