It’s commonly assumed that web audiences are too busy to read page content and that they just skim over articles in a race for the next click. As a result of that assumption, many content developers leave pages sparse with very little content. Just a quick paragraph and a few bullet points.

I think this is a mistake.

Although the vast majority of people in your web audience are there to just skim, there is a small subset of folks who would read a novel of the right information. These people are your buyers.

Buyers are already interested in your product and are now looking for details. They were ‘sold’ before the visit and now they want the specifics on their imminent purchase.

This is especially true in high involvement decision-making such as buying a car, a house or new computer. And, it’s the same when contracting a high-priced service.

How many colors are available? What’s the fuel efficiency? Are those real leather seats? Is the back cargo area big enough to fit my bike?

What does your process look like? How do I know it will work? Who’s purchased from you before? How do I know I won’t get a gargantuan bill at the end of the month? Who will I work with?

Remember, your website is the point of conversion not the place to raise awareness.