What if I told you that your blog posts should resemble a pine tree? You surely stare at the screen in wonder and re-read the sentence. Why, on Earth, should my blog post look like a pine tree? Well, my friends, it’s because of the simple fact that it should be evergreen. Yes. You heard right. Just like the tree, your writing should be evergreen and timeless. By that I mean topics that never go out of date and are helpful to users no matter the time that passes. Great but why, you might ask!

That’s where I come in the spotlight. Read on to find out what you’ll get from posting evergreen content and believe me, it’s quite a lot. So let’s get going!

Your majesty

king piece in chess

Do you know how things really work around the web? You give people useful information on how to do something and they crown you the King of your field. Well, okay maybe not all at once. You have to be consistent in uploading the content, but still if you prove that your words are true, people will see you as an expert.

All you have to do is find a topic or a problem from your field of expertise that you know how to solve and share the steps online creating an evergreen content on your blog. That’s how you’ll have the chance of becoming the go-to person in your niche. Don’t worry about providing basic information that seems like everyone else knows because no matter the simplicity, when someone needs a how-to guide only the solution matters!

For example, if you are a food blog and you post blog posts from the likes of “How to bake the perfect fruit cake?” or “What ingredients do you need for the original Italian pizza?” one day you are surely going to be referred to as ‘Your majesty’ by the users.

Honk! Honk!

traffic jam

Evergreen content makes the cars honk as the streets are overcrowded with them. Oh wait! Wrong traffic. But it’s still very accurate as evergreen content truly makes the traffic on your blog go crazy. Like real crazy with users flocking the servers with their heads full of questions. People always turn to the Internet when they need help with something so make sure your blog is the one holding the solution. Clearly the power of the evergreen content is surreal when it comes to attracting people to your blog and that is an answer more to the question why you should write it. Look at it this way – a problem remains a problem despite the time that elapses.

According to Parse.ly, topic-specific sites generally receive a higher percentage of traffic just from evergreen stories. That’s your call. Center your blog on a certain topic and provide how-to posts, links, tips, interviews, reviews or stories that are connected to it. Then sit back, put your legs on the table and your hands behind your head and enjoy as the number of visitors go up and up and only up!

Google’s favorite

Winner silhouette on the mountain top. Sport and active life concept

Speaking of the flood of traffic on your blog, we mustn’t forget the real source that brings all the users to you. It’s of course our dear lovely SEO or in other words Search Engine Optimization. For the newbies out there, search engines are the modern, twenty-first century version of yellow pages and search engine optimization actually makes sure that your name/blog/site appears on the first page.

Evergreen content is your ally in the so-called SEO battle to the top and it truly helps you win it. Yes. Yahoo loves it. Bing loves it. And most importantly Google loves it as the leader among these search engines. We don’t say ‘google it’ for nothing, do we?

In fact, everything derives from the simple truth that evergreen content never gets old and by uploading an evergreen post that is SEO-friendly, you remain among the first searches after years and years pass and you almost forget about it.

No leaves to clean

Raking leaf pile

Deciduous trees just like timely posts make a mess on the ground and around your blog – they require constant maintaining and updating. Luckily, you have the evergreen content which doesn’t shred a single leaf and stays just the way you left it.

No need for worries that your words will go out of date or that something happened in the meantime and you have to include it in the post. You simply type everything that comes to your mind and hit ‘publish’. Piece of cake, right?

To illustrate, let’s analyze these two blogs:

  • An entertainment blog – contains daily posts on the newest celebrity whereabouts, trends, fashion and gossips
  • A Q&A blog – answers everyday questions of thousands of users in how-to posts and lists

The first one obviously takes a lot of time to run, as the story that a celebrity had gotten pregnant is no longer interesting after a few days or after nine months when the baby would be born. A dress can go out of fashion or a celebrity couple may get divorced (which happens almost every day in Hollywood). That throws your blog posts in the bin after a short period of time passes.

Where on the other blog, you get timeless answers useful to anyone. Even your grandchildren one day. For instance, the problem of tying a tie will continue to bug male teenagers, tips on surviving the first date will still be the top priority when going out even fifteen years from now. And you write about those things once without bothering to update the content like the example of the entertainment blog.

Writing evergreen content will always be a plus for you and your blog. It guarantees your success in the online world and boosts your blog on the way to infinite popularity. Without hunting for new information, with the evergreen content you present your knowledge to the world and gain the users’ affection. I think that we perfectly cleared all the points as to why it means so much and you’re ready to implement them when thinking of composing your next post. Green means fresh and up-to-date and useful and catchy, so happy green blogging!